Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dead Fly Fishing

I can not remember a time when I read an article in Field & Stream that pertained to the Grateful Dead. Yet, this article will steal your face right off your head. It is a ... yep, that's right, a Fly Reel of a Stealie. You have to check this out ... Complete Article.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Furthur to Mexico

The Grateful Dead toured Europe in '72. They returned in 1974 as well as in the early 80s and in 1990 too. They played quite few gigs in Canada throughout the years. Of course, we all know they played the Pyramids in Egypt in 1978. They talked about playing in China, but that never happened. However, check this out, Phil and Bobby & Furthur have announced a 4 night gig in Mexico in January. A first for our fellow north america hemisphere country to the south. 
Click here for more details. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunshine Daydream

The famed Grateful Dead concert from Veneta, Oregon (1972) is being officially released on DVD and/or Blu Ray. This is easily one of the top 10 Dead shows of all time. Official scholars have written their theses on the exact moment Jerry Garcia started to peak. Some say it was 3:43 into Dark Star or some say it was during the tuning before Bird Song. Who knows? Maybe Garcia never stopped peaking since the Acid Tests with Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. 

The so-called boot-leg video of this show has been in circulation between fans for years, however, the quality was not very good (too much over modulation and sunshine). Yes, there is nudity, but so what. It was literally a hot show and the time period along with location lended itself to a "hang out, it is not a big deal" type of attitude. Oh, how I yearn for the days of yore. 

Coming Coming Coming Coming ARouNd

It seems like a good a time as any to bring this Blog page back around. So here it goes, after a hiatus from maintaining this Shakedown ...