Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Group Mind Intention Experiment

What is the featured show for this week?
What is the theme for the month of May?
You tell me.

We are going to try something. This month on Shakedown Stream we are going to do an experiment. In the spirit of the Grateful Dead group mind and the work of Lynne Taggart's "The Intention Experiment", we are going do something different. For the whole month of May, all listeners and streamers are invited to send out their intention of the desired featured show for the week. Send me your intention through your thoughts, prayers, the telepathic transmission device in your head & hearts.  Please, whatever you do, do not tell me in an email, through the written word or in traditional ways- do it through your intentions. Practice and try out this new way.

To learn more -

Peace - Jer Bear

What:              Shakedown Stream
When:             Tuesday at 5pm eastern time
Where:   & iTunes

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Furthur to cover 6 Dead albums

Phil & Bobby and Furthur have announced that they are going to cover 6 Grateful Dead albums at their Furthur Festival in Angel's Camp, California this Memorial Day weekend.
Phil & Friends have done this before - somewhat recently - and they were joined by Bobby Weir for the event. The first album of the Grateful Dead's and the subsequent following ones' were performed in their entirety in the exact order that the songs appear on the album (what's an album?).

Furthur continues to go further. Onward!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Forgotten Download Series

The final installment for the month of April will feature Volume 1 of the Grateful Dead's download series recorded on 4/30/77. I always wondered why they stopped doing these monthly audio downloads - they were fun. These download series were the last things the Grateful Dead put out before Rhino Records took over the important job of releasing live Dead material.

I have not listened to this show in a long time so it will be good to do a review - a listening party of sorts. This show was from the epic Spring 77 run of shows, recorded at the Palladium in NYC.

What:  Shakedown Stream
When: Tuesday - 5pm (eastern time)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Dead vs. Fleetwood Mac

You should judge for yourself - as always - and make your own determination if you think the Grateful Dead stole from Fleetwood Mac. I think the notion is laughable, especially after you watch and listen to the two songs. Frankly, I think the Dead play much better than the other band. Click this link and check it out > The Dead vs. Fleetwood Mac.

Another show has been added to Furthur's summer 
tour - Ottowa, Canada >

Also, back by popular demand, the set list for this 
week's Shakedown Stream. Observe by clicking the 
jpeg image in the upper right.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A New Furthur Show announced

Phil & Bobby have added another show to their Furthur summer tour (click the link to see more). I am not sure if I am offending the other band members by saying Phil & Bobby with their Furthur band. I do it so it is clear to those who may not be in the know, yet, I think I can stop saying it now. One of the hopes that deadheads have voiced is see Furthur play Red Rocks this fall. Also, their other hopes are for them to play more of the summer festivals. It is clear that everyone wants more and more.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Billy & Mickey drumming this July

Looks like Billy & Mickey are going to play this summer. They have put together a re-incarnation of Rhythm Devils. Check out their tour schedule for the month of July:

Peace - Jer Bear

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to Basics

Back to Basics

The featured show for this week will take us back to the things that I know and truly understand. 4/20/83, 27 years ago, the Grateful Dead in Providence, Rhode Island blew my mind - literally. This show represents a pivotal point in my life. I lost my car, the horses had cops on their backs, the best BERTHA - ever (Bobby knocking them down like bowling pins) walking and following the colored lines all night long through the streets of Providence and, most importantly, I met the irreprehensible Colonel Mohabie.

Also, it was Unbroken Jane's very first Dead show.

Sometimes, I just gotta pull my favorite Dead b-legs off the shelf and play them like I used to - Back to the Basics.

What: Shakedown Stream
When: Tuesday - 5pm (eastern time)
How: Open Your Heart to Grace

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Featured Show for April 13th

The month of April is taking on a different twist for the featured shows for Shakedown Stream. Last week we featured Phil & Bobby w/ Furthur in Chicago from their latest tour. Instead of the customary full featured show, this week we will jam out to the Greatest Hits of the Road Trips Volume 2 series. This series of releases includes "MSG September '90", "Carousel 2.14.68", "Wall of Sound", "Cal Expo '93".

I have played various songs from each of these beautiful releases, but I have yet to give them their due. It is now time. I always try to be respectful and mindful of the Grateful Dead and Rhino Records’ efforts to sell these releases. Ergo, I do not blatantly play them in their entirety. Hey, I am so happy that Rhino and the Dead are doing these releases I MIGHT AS WELL be cool about it.

I think enough time has elapsed that we can have a nice little jam party on the Stream this week with the four Road Trips.

Check it all out on Shakedown Stream on

Tuesday at 5pm eastern time.

Peace - Jer Bear

Friday, April 9, 2010

Top Ten Grateful Dead Songs

What are your top ten all time favorite Grateful Dead songs? Have you ever thought about it?

Some months ago, on one of the episodes of Shakedown Stream I was talking about an article I read somewhere on the internet about the Grateful Dead - one of many. The article ended with the writer's top ten list of favorite Grateful Dead songs. Included in the list was the song "Rosemary
" for which I made fun of.

My observation became a point of interest for many listeners of Shakedown Stream. I even asked Streamers to offer up their own top ten list and received a flurry of top ten lists. I keep receiving top ten lists, week after week. It is awesome. Somebody even put together an excel spreadsheet for me track all the lists. We will be able to calculate what the top ten of the top ten lists. Deadheads are crazy and way "into it."

What is your top ten favorite Grateful Dead songs? (

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