Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Observation

The listeners of Shakedown Stream are not only consistent, but are keen observers of the Stream. For example, ...

Hey again Jer Ber,

I was thinking one of the cool things about "The Stream" is that you get to hear a whole show, but also hearing the individual tracks and other sounds out of that context can be cool too. Like a song from a different era than the featured show (or just the song played before it) can really sound really fresh sometimes. Also the background music you play, sometimes a space, drums or the classical piano that's sometimes at the end of a show usually has that effect too. Like, just hearing that 30 seconds of space makes me appreciate how cool it is sonically, where I might not hear it the same way in the middle of the live show. Anyway I remember reading a quote (I think from Bobby) saying that you could think of listening to the guitars of the Dead like Jerry was McCoy Tyner's right hand on the piano and he (Bob) was the left. Also another Jazz-head friend of mine said he heard a lot of John Coltrane in Jerry Garcia's playing/improvising. I've read the band was hip to that stuff especially in the late sixties. I'm thinking 60's era Tyner and "Love Supreme" era John Coltrane might be an interesting addition to your sonic supporting palate as you flow with each Shakedown Stream.

Peace Supreme - Dave, in "The Springs"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poster Contest

On Thursday, March 15th at SXSW in Austin, Texas, Curious Sense, designers of Grateful Dead Game – The Epic Tour, and Creative Allies launched a poster design competition.
Design a show poster for one of the Grateful Dead’s ten most epic concerts, as voted by fans. The winning poster will be integrated into the Grateful Dead Game, and the winner will receive $750 and a Diamond Membership to the “Epic Tour” Game (a $400 value).
Judges for the competition include Grateful Dead Legacy Manager, David Lemieux and Mark Pinkus, GM Grateful Dead Properties.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Let Phil Sing !

We close the month with another Phil & Phriends show from the Warfield Theatre, SF. The three shows are very special. A lot streamers have asked for more these Phil shows so here it is:

"The "vibe" in the Warfield was, once again, magical. Overall, the show
was more focused and tight than Thursday's gig, even though it was
about a half-hour shorter, and still contained a great deal of very
exploratory improvisation (a hell of a lot of dueling noodling 'tween
Trey and Steve, frankly)."

Shakedown Stream
Tuesday @ 5pm EST
"Let Phil Sing"

Friday, March 16, 2012

Meet Up at the Movies

The Grateful Dead is back in select movie theaters nationwide for only one night on Thursday, April 19 at 7:00PM (local time) for the second annual Grateful Dead Meet-Up At The Moviespresented by Fathom. This year we've reached deep into the Grateful Dead vault to present the unreleased iconic concert captured at Alpine Valley Music Theatre on July 18, 1989 (the show directly following the band's famous Downhill From Here performance.) The event features the complete concert with two and a half hours of music!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dead Geography


Thank you so much for weekly podcast I have been a faithful weekly listener since i received my Ipod a
year or so ago.

Even though I am 57 years old I never experienced a Grateful Dead concert
in person...with your podcast
and passion I am able to use my imagination and experience 30-40 years later what I missed out on in the 70's and 80's..Thank you so much for turning me on to the "Dead" every

On a recent podcast you mentioned the Phil Lesh and friends concert in Broomfield Colorado. I must correct stated that Broomfield was just outside Telluride..that
is like saying Martha's Vineyard is just outside Boston. Broomfield is actually about 10 miles from Boulder and
25 miles from Red Rocks.

Thanks again and keep the stream flowing,,I am so glad I jumped in. 


Thursday, March 8, 2012

A rare and Different Tune

Sometimes I cannot resist. I have received some very passionate feedback asking me to exercise more balance between Phil & Friends with copious amounts of Grateful Dead. Next week, on Shakedown Stream, we are changing course. Rather than sticking to the originally planned 3 night thematic stand of Phil's return from 1999 at the Warfield Theatre, we will align with the middle - where we are all much more comfortable - jamming to LIVE Dead with Jerry Garcia.

In the sprit of Phil Lesh's upcoming March 15th birthday next week and his new "Terrapin Crossroads" live music & restaurant venue in San Rafael, CA - Shakedown Stream will feature the 3/15/90 show. It all connects and sometimes it just makes sense to align with the Divine.

Join me and all of us for this very fine Terrapin Station official CD release of Phil Lesh's birthday from 1990.

A Rare and Different Tune
Click on

Premieres every Tuesday @ 5pm EST

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let Phil Sing!

Back in April of 1999, Phil Lesh - the bass player of the Grateful Dead - returned to the scene. While Bob Weir was jamming with RatDog and Mickey Hart & Bobby had the Furthur shows after Jerry's death in 1995, Phil was laying low, as it were. He had done some shows here and there as well as a few shows in 1998 as Phil & Friends. However, it was not until April of 1999 that Phil & Friends truly began and Phil properly returned the stage.

Phil's return was auspicious indeed. He was joined by his Phriends Trey Anastasio & Page McConnell of Phish and *Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay of the Grateful Dead.

Shakedown Stream we will devote the next three weeks to this 3 night run at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco on mvyradio's Shakedown Stream.

Shakedown Stream
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Premieres every Tuesday @ 5pm

Let Phil Sing!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bobbys' Bridge Benefit

"Members of the National will perform with the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir for a special one-off show. The concert titled the Bridge Session will happen on March 24th at Weir’s TRI Studios in San Rafael, California, reports Rolling Stone. Only 50 fans will be in attendance – but the show will be available to fans around the globe via a free live webcast live." Click for Complete Article

Friday, March 2, 2012

Free Download - Mickey Hart Band

Mickey Hart has a new CD coming out. Click on the Mickey-Link for 2 free downloads of a live "Going Down the Road Feeling Bad" > "We Bid-U Goodnite".

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mickey Hart is out of this World

"I’m sonifiying these light waves, making them into sound.  [There are] sophisticated algorithms and I have scientists [who] work with me carefully on this because I’m not a mathematician and I’m not a scientist. Then I take them and sound design them [to] make them into what we hear on the whole Earth — music. The sound of space isn’t necessarily music. I didn’t want it to be a science project. I wanted to dazzle these sounds; I turned them into musicological sound marks, whether they be rhythm, harmony, or melody. [I wanted] something to do with music. (Mickey Hart)"

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Coming Coming Coming Coming ARouNd

It seems like a good a time as any to bring this Blog page back around. So here it goes, after a hiatus from maintaining this Shakedown ...