Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Eyes have it !

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Eyes have it! Please join me once again for another episode of Shakedown Stream on The last episode of our theme of "Eyes of the World" features another Grateful Dead show from 1973; the first year that Eyes of the World was displayed for the masses. The theme developed on its own in much the same fashion as the Stream itself - it breathes and pulsates to its own inner rhythms. 
We started with a show from February 1973 and then moved to a show from March 1973. This week, expect a show from April 1973 - one that possesses one of the great early versions of Eyes of the World. Listen! and then wake up to find out you are the Eyes of the World. You always have been, now you know it and, for heaven's sake, try not to forget it. Maybe somewhere down the road, we will theme Eyes again and focus on 1974, but for now ... & iTunes
Tuesday @ 5pm - Beach Time
Wake Up!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wake Up !!

Wondering where the nuthatch lives? Tune into Shakedown Stream this week for another installment of our Eyes of the World summer spectacular. First released on the 1973 release "Wake of the Flood", Eyes of the World went through many incantations. However, they first broke the tune out in Palo Alto in Feb of '73 before it made it on the album (many Grateful Dead songs were played live before recorded and officially released)- we'll hear that version in this week's Shakedown Stream. They played Eyes in 1973 more than any other year - 49 times, in fact, that was more than twice as many times than any of the years from 74 - 95. This week's Featured Show will also include an Eyes of the World that shows the song's evolution in the first year from a few weeks after last week's show. 

Grateful Dead - Eyes Of The World -

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eyes of the World

All eyes...and ears - listen up. The next three weeks of Shakedown Stream explores the exquisite song "Eyes of the World." We'll hear some of the earliest renditions, famous "stand-alone" versions, guest musicians, rare studio out-takes, and classic Esty>Eyes' gems from throughout the decades. Pour yourself a tall lemonade, sit back, and enjoy.

"Right outside this lazy summer home
you don't have time to call your soul a critic, no 
Right outside the lazy gate of winter's summer home
wondering where the nuthatch winters
Wings a mile long just carried the bird away
Wake up to find out 
that you are the eyes of the World
but the heart has its beaches
its homeland and thoughts of its own
Wake now, discover that you
are the song that the morning brings
but the heart has its seasons
its evenings and songs of its own."

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grateful Dead - Fire On The Mountain - Egypt 9-16-78

The Grateful Dead have the unique distinction of being the one Rock n Roll band to have played at the Pyramids in Egypt. In 1978, they played three nights in Cairo, Egypt. A couple of years ago, the Dead released a DVD video of the show from 9/16/78 - footage that some of us have never seen before. Enjoy - Peace - Jer Bear. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grateful Dead Night

Tuesday, August 9th, the World Champion San Francisco Giants will be hosting Grateful Dead Night at AT & T Park in San Francisco. Furthur members Phil Lesh & Bob Weir will be singing the National Anthem, joined by SF Giants 3rd Base Coach Tim Flannery. 

Tim Flannery, you're asking? Mr. Flannery is an accomplished Americana singer-songwriter -guitar player. When Kris Kristofferson wrote the memorable line; "From the Kentucky coal mines to the California sun," in his classic song, "Me and Bobby McGee" he could have easily been referring to the gifted coach, musician and avid surfer.

Born in Tulsa, OK, Flannery always had baseball and music in his blood. The nephew of former Major League Baseball star Hal Smith, Mr. Flannery carved out a successful baseball career playing with the San Diego Padres from 1979-1989 before finding a new career in coaching. Throughout his travels as a baseball player and coach, Flannery, known as "The Flan Man," has continued to carve out a successful music career performing with his band: The Enablers and recording 8 albums with such seasoned musicians as Doug Pettibone, Jeff Berkeley, Dennis Capplinger, Calman Hart, and Randi Driscoll.

"Pure Jerry" - Part 2

"Might As Well" take that ride again. Join us for episode 2
of Pure Jerry. It will be more of the same, but different.

August 9th is the anniversary of Jerry Garcia's death, therefore, this show will have a more somber tone to it. Yet, look forward to "mini sets", sparkling gems representative of Jerry Garcia's style and brilliance.

Shakedown Stream & iTunes
Tuesday @ 5pm - Jerry Time

"Shine On, keep on shining, shine on.

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