Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome to Shakedown Stream Blog

Hey Now!!

Welcome to our new Blog page for Shakedown Stream. I do not know how this is going to work out, but we are going to go for it - for sure. It will be devoted to the weekly Stream, the feature shows, news, suggestions, funny things, and any other stuff deemed essential to the Stream.

We will be streaming and - now - blogging.

Thanks for everybody's support and enthusiasm.

Keep on streaming -
Jer Bear


  1. Jer Bear, just got my forst Ipod (Touch)--I had to upgrade the memory just because I knew I would be keeping your streams on it, and love your stream! Listen to your shows all day at work in my office--just wish I was technically advanced to download older shows but not sure how.
    Thanks Dave H.

  2. hey jer Bear, jsut to say i loved the philly shows!hope all is good with you brother!your pal,brian from Ireland.

  3. Jer Bear, Got on the bus 5-13-78. Can you give us a way to download your past podcasts without streaming? Ilove that the broadcasts are a show in a show. Dave Philly PA

    1. Try Up-Loading To Your iTunes Library!

  4. jer bear catchin up on my streams, keep it coming
    how about some alpine or the copps col. hamilton ontario 1990 spring show -hottttt scarlet-fire, even made it on so many roads
    brian lennie-milwaukee loves the dead

  5. Just wanted to let you know your latest podcast is marked wrong as the 7/21/90 show. Its actually the 7/23 show you have posted. THX

  6. jerbear,
    hey good call on the 72 dark star; the 74 had my vote but no sweet mind left body jam so i had to vote for the europe 72, despite the eyes encore
    deadhead brian in milwaukee

  7. Thanks so much for the April 6 birthday gift. I didn't actually recieve it until Sunday, but it was well worth the wait. If I could have dreamed the near-perfect show, this would have been it. Only near-perfect 'cause I wasn't there to see all of those smiling faces.

    Keep on Truckin'
    Bridgewater Nick

  8. Jerbear,

    For better or worse, I could never really listen to post-Jerry Dead. I enjoyed a few of the recordings I got my hands on but it never lifted me back to "moment." But... That Further 3/3/10 show. Holy $*(#$)! Thanks for the lift. Speechless really. Thank you thank you!

  9. Hey Jerbear,
    I totally love your podcast. Was wondering if you have May 11, 1977 in your archives?

    Thanks Katie!

  10. Hey forgot to play this past weeks me and my uncle...just thought i'd let u know again.

  11. hey jerbear, ive been listening to your podcasts that i got from a friend for a while and have been loving them, so i finally i subscribed today. i just want to say thanks for not only providing the music that makes my tushie boogie on a daily basis but also for a weekly educational experience for some younger dead heads who came to the party just in time, but a little later.
    letting my freak flag fly daily,
    dave from virginia

  12. If you have a PayPal account, stop what you're doing right now and send Shakedown Stream at least $5. They added a PayPal link on the top right of this web page. Do it. Do it now! Don't wait.

    This podcast is very important to so many of us. Please make sure it's financially viable!

  13. I just recently found this podcast and been listening to it religiously as I am a huge fan of the dead and now shakedown stream. jer bear you are the man and your knowledge and excitement of the dead is awesome. When im ever having a bad day i listen to the dead and now your stream and keeps me going. Thanks and keep up the good work- Rosa from Ct

  14. Thank you for the StreamBase!!! I was in the mood to for a "Sitting Here in Limbo", searched the doc, downloaded the old stream and bam, sitting here feeling fine! :) thanks JerBear!

    -John in Indy

  15. Jer,

    Check out this video -

    Guy from America's Test Kitchen - Chris Kimball - talking about being on tour with the Dead! WE ARE EVERYWHERE!!

  16. jer,
    i got turned on to the stream in peru and it has really kept me grounded. we live in ecuador on the coast and also in alaska. thanks for the tunes.
    ps. in alaska, the birds love miles davis while the wolves and bear love a sweet 73 dark star.
    take care and peace,
    john and stacy

  17. Jer Bear thanks for the vibes man. Keep the spirit alive. Would love if you could get my first shows on here: Hampton Col. formally known as the Warlocks. Keep truck'n.