Sunday, May 29, 2011

Randomly and Themelessly Streaming

The theme-less month of May ends this week as randomly as we began it. The featured show for Shakedown Stream's May 31st episode was randomly selected from the top of a box. I am in the process of moving and because of it, I am in "transition" for the month (starting this weekend). My collections of Dead are in boxes.

I just happened to pick a 1976 show. It is has no details with it and I know very little about it. It is kinda exciting this way. Also, I do not play enough '76 shows - the come back year for Grateful Dead after a short hiatus. Together, let's find out, shall we,  how this one
streams and, in addition, close out the month of May as themelessly as we streamed it on

Right On !!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Dylan Day

Check out our cool Dylan Music Player. It is all Dylan, all of the time. Also, this week's Shakedown Stream is featuring lots of Dead/Dylan. As you know, the Grateful Dead covered more Dylan tunes than any other band - 65 songs, at least. In addition, in the summer of 1987, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead played some shows on the East and West Coast - "Alone and Together" tour. I am featuring one set of Dylan with the boys from Oakland, CA.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweating to the Dead

Hey, Jer Bear:

I'm a grad student in history at Cornell University, sitting in my basement office, sweating away trying to write my dissertation. But I don't get a word written if the Shakedown Stream isn't playing. "If you get confused listen to the music play," has become my mantra. Thanks so much, and keep up
the good work.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dead Yoga

My dear friend MC Yogi will be jamming with the Dead - drummer Mickey Hart on May 21st.  MC Yogi

This summer marks Wanderlust's third go at a yoga-and-music festival in Tahoe's Squaw Valley. Imagine lithe yogis practicing with top teachers (SF's Stephanie Snyder, Marin's MC Yogi, and more) backed by live music and then heading over to big stages to catch Girl Talk and Michael Franti. To get ready, the fest is taking over the Fillmore May 21. Tickets start at $25 and include two music-charged asana classes, sounds from the Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart, and a trippy Trance Dance performance from the Madonna of yoga, Shiva Rea. 
After blissing out in Savasana (Corpse Pose) on the dance floor, concert-goers can expect musical offerings from Sub Swara, yoga teacher/mantra rapper MC Yogi, Todd Boston, and David Starfire. This is not the Fillmore's usual crowd, but they're fun, laid-back, and not afraid to break out of the standard nodding and slight swaying that accompanies most shows. This is also probably the one time it's cool to skip skinny jeans and striped T's in favor of Lycra or your favorite Lululemon pants. You know, the ones that make your butt look really, really good.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friday the 13th is Free

Bob Weir and friends will perform at Bobby's new studio this Friday. The show will stream live video and it's free! We have talked about this kind of thing for the last year on Shakedown Stream on I am not bragging that I am soothsayer, but, I believe this has potential for many cool things to come. Also, we will not have to drive in our fossil fuel burning cars to see a show anymore. What an auspicious night it will be.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mickey Hart and Dr. Stanley Krippner Reminisce

Mickey shares one of his many cool experiences that he had with Dr. Stanley Krippner here on this video that can be found on YouTube. We live in a new age where we can share information in a way that brings us closer to the music and the time that we all value and love.


Jer Bear

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