Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's !

Bobby Weir, Mickey Hart and Ken Kesey get interviewed by KSAN backstage between set 1 and set 2 of this memorable and exceptional Dec 31st 1978 Winterland extravaganza. Ken Kesey : "The Grateful Dead are able to stroke a thing the way that just like the winds strokes the clouds until it attracts the lightning out of the ground". Well said !!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


"A quote from the venerable band 'the Grateful Dead' says 'One man gathers what another man spills.'  Oh, how true it is, and Boulevard is setting a fine example of 'Dead' lyrics brought back to life.(Click for full story)"

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Three Night Stand

JerBear's Chicago is a special edition of Shakedown Stream. This week presents the last last night of a three night stand at the Uptown Theatre in Chicago. Join me for another episode of Shakedown Stream on We are closing out the year with a solid representation of Grateful Dead at the beginning of 1981 - one of my personal favorites.

Thank you for supporting Shakedown Stream throughout the year and I look forward to another year of Streaming Dead.

Shakedown Stream
Tuesday @ 5pm
Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dead Video Game

"The Grateful Dead have their own golf balls, wine, neckties, USB drives, blankets and wind chimes – and now they have their very own video game, too. Today, the band launched "Phase One" of The Epic Tour at, allowing early users to design their own Dancing Bear avatar and cast votes for their favorite Dead shows of all time. The top 10 user-voted shows will form the “itinerary” for The Epic Tour, in which gamers will work interactively to try to see every show on the tour – an endeavor that, for many Deadheads, will cause real-world flashbacks."

Read more:

Save the Uptown Theatre!

Shakedown Stream returns to the famed Uptown Theater in Chicago for the 2nd night of a three night run of shows - Feb. 27, 1981. The Grateful Dead performed 17 shows at the Uptown. It is somewhat serendipitous that we focus on these shows. There is a petition to save the Uptown Theater in Chicago, IL. The Theater has been closed to audiences since 1981 which means the Grateful Dead may have been one of the last bands to play this place. Please click on the link and learn how you can help save a bit of America and the Grateful Dead.

Shakedown Stream
Tuesday @ 5pm East Coast Time
Save this Building!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

4 Year Anniversary of Shakedown Stream

Michael W. Never miss a stream. Thank you for 
all the time you put in weekly it keeps me sane at my Job almost every day. Have all the archives on my computer and change them up on the iPod all the time. My hearing protection is constantly pumping the stream trough my head Once again thank you, happy anniversary and keep on streaming.

Spring Furthur 2012

Looks Like Bobby and Phil are still going Furthur. They have announced tour dates for the 2012 spring season. Some of us were wondering if they were disbanding because of the reunification of Phil & Friends in Colorado and Bob Weir doing a solo acoustic run. No worries though. They commence in San Francisco then on to New England and 8 nights at the Beacon Theatre on the upper west side of New York City (Jer Bear's old stomping grounds). Click Link for more information. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mickey Hart is Cosmic

Mickey Hart - the drummer of the Grateful Dead - is on tour. The Mickey Hart Band started their tour  in Eugene Oregon a few days ago. Mickey and his band will continue their tour around the northwest then down to the southwest to the rocky mountains and through the midwest. Believe it or not, Mickey Hart Band is even traveling to my old stomping grounds - White River Junction, Vermont @ Tupelo Music Hall.

Mickey is also looking for volunteers to become apart of the Stellar Crew to help spread the beat of his tour.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Streamer's Choice - 1976

There was an inexplainable mix up in last week's vote. Perhaps it's the effect of Mercury moving retrograde, a hanging chad, human corruption, or a technological glitch - who knows. In analyzing the Streamer's Choice vote from last week, it is quite apparent that there was an oversight. The 1976 show IS the actual winner and is the rightful choice for the featured show on Shakedown Stream - A ruling by the US Supreme Court is not necessary. We will handle the situation amicably and feature it on next week Stream. Streamer's Choice continues into December with Volume 4 of the Download Series - 1976. Peace, Jer Bear

Friday, November 25, 2011

Vote for a Streamer's Choice

The Streamer's gather for one last vote for the month of November. It has been a success and good  clean fun. Together, we have picked some sweet shows from Winterland '77, Portland '80, Furthur in New Hampshire & Legion of Mary. This week is another Streamer's Choice. Vote for a show from the selection in the upper right hand corner and see how your vote makes a difference on Shakedown Stream -'s very own Grateful Dead program. 

This is my way of giving back to the streamers who consistently support the show every week.

 Peace - Jer Bear

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vote for the Dead

The fourth week of Streamer's Choice is underway. The voting has begun on and it looks heavily favored toward "Dick's Gift."

Apparently, Dick Latvala, the late archivists for the Grateful Dead, found some unlabeled tapes in the vault. It is suspected that the tapes are of Jerry Garcia's "Legion of Mary" band with Merl Saunders from 1973. It is pretty fabulous stuff. Although I would never tamper with the democratic process of Streamer's Choice, I do hope this material wins the poll for Featured Show this week on Shakedown Stream.

Peace - JerBear
Shakedown stream
Gonna Make them Shine!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dead Music for Movies?

The Grateful Dead will allow access to their rather extensive archive of music for movies. It is the first time that such an arrangement has been made possible by the boys. A movie featuring the Grateful Dead music is in the works. 

Click to read the full article. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Streamer's Are Voting

... and swirling to the music of the Grateful Dead. That's the Deal for the month of November on mvyradio's Shakedown Stream - a Grateful Dead podcast. For the past three weeks - in celebration of the supporters of Shakedown Stream - Jer Bear has been posting a selection of live Dead shows for the supporters to vote for. Last week's vote included a recent Furthur show from New Hampshire - it won the most votes and was featured on this week's Stream. The momentum is growing - every week is receiving more and more votes. Join us for another round of voting with a new selection of shows from Legion of Mary, RatDog and of course, the Grateful Dead. Peace, JerBear

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Furthur Review

From: Julie & Rick
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011 23:02:05 -0500 
Subject: The Stream
I've been part of the Stream for several years... absolutely love the Stream... I used to commute my 34 minutes each way for work and finish concerts each week. Thanks for all you do for us. For the past couple of years I've been mulling over my TOP TEN... but I found that it tended to shift with the weather, time of year, my activities, etc. So... its been sort of like chasing the wind. However, on Saturday evening, I was at the Wilkes-Barre Furthur concert... WOW... I believe I heard my top 19 in a row... the first set was a great honky-tonk set with Chimenti lighting it up with his piano and the Wurlitzer... ten minute jams of Hell in a Bucket, Mississippi Half-step, Big Bad Blues followed by an eleven minute Althea... the jams were exceptional... with my eyes closed, John K. was Jerry... and his guitar was (this may be sacrireligious) cleaner than Jerry without sacrificing creativity (I've heard him with Dark Star in the past... but
this was clearly transcendent)... the second set was clearly the best set I've ever heard... an Eyes that blew us away into a Fire on the Mountain that was true to the original but almost an up-date that was cleaner and tighter than I've ever heard... along with a Dear Prudence, Help/Slipknot, Franklin's Tower and closed with a Knockin' on Heaven's Door that Bobby

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Eleven on 11/11/11

11/11/11 is a unique and curious mathematical occurrence. It is said to be beginning of the age of Aquarius. Anyway, last night, Bobby & Phil continued to go Furthur with playing The Eleven as the encore in Syracuse, NY. 
Also, has anyone noticed that John K and Phil have switched sides on stage?
The OnCenter
Syracuse, NY

Set I 
The Last time
Reuben & Cerise >
High on a Mountain >
Brown-Eyed Women
Jack Straw

Set II:
Weather Report Suite (Prelude, Part I, Let it Grow) >
Dear Mr Fantasy >
Playin' In The Band >
I Want You (She's So Heavy) >
Dark Star >
We Love You >
King Solomon's Marbles >
Sugaree >

E: The Eleven >
Whipping Post Intro (11/4 Time) >
US Blues


Friday, November 11, 2011

Phil Lesh scraps plans for Terrapin

"Phil Lesh scraps plans for Terrapin Crossroads music hall in Fairfax," says recent headline  in Marin Independent Journal posted 11/08/11 by Richard Halstead. I have mentioned Phil's plan to have a barn-type studio where he could jam, much like Levon Helm's in upstate New York. Unfortunately, it does not look like it is going happen. Read the whole article to find out more (click here)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dead Voters

We are celebrating the Streamers of Shakedown Stream - mvyradio's very own weekly Grateful Dead show - for their consistent and loving support of our Stream. For the month of November, Jer Bear is listing various Dead shows to vote on. In typical democratic fashion, since it is November (election month) the show receiving the most votes will be the featured show for the week.

Join me, us and yourself, for another journey down Shakedown Stream by going to and clicking onto Shakedown Stream. 

To vote -

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Streamer's Choice - Vote!!

Vote for this week's featured show on Shakedown Stream. The month of November is devoted to the Streamer's of Shakedown Stream. Every week on a list of Grateful Dead shows will be listed. Vote for the show and the one with the most votes will be the featured show.  Join us every week on for a sweet journey on the Stream.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Streaming in Scotland

We have a friend and fellow streamer from Scotland. Check out what he had to say in his email to Jer Bear - the host of mvyradio's Grateful Dead show "Shakedown Stream" 

Jer Bear,
Discovered the Stream June of this year - pick up the podcasts here in Scotland. Love the length and the comments by your good self. You are basically my soundtrack to the weekend.

Saw Grateful Dead in England (Bickershaw Festival) in 1971 or 1972, in Edinburgh around 1980 and again at Wembley Arena England 1990. Still a few Deadheads in this part of the world

Thanks for keeping it going.
Galashiels , Scotland

Friday, October 14, 2011

Paradise Waits in 1984

The featured show this week on Shakedown Stream is the 2nd night of a three night run at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA. Last week, we enjoyed the 1st night - Friday the 13th with a full moon with a Dark Star encore - How Sweet It Was! WE go forward to the next night with a Help>Slip>Franklin's 2nd set opener and special guest Matt Kelly on harmonica. 

This show does not receive great reviews, but may reflect some tiredness from Jerry and the Boys from the night before. However, we are still in the Scarlet>Fire - Help>Slip>Franklin's - China>Rider reverie this month. 

What kind of deadhead are you? 

A real truth is never based on facts or labels anyway. The Truth is a plural - ongoing changing thing. The conversation continues to expand.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

1984 - Next weeks featured show on Shakedown Stream is the 1st night of a three night stand at the Berkeley Community Theatre. We are paying 
attention to the Scarlet>Fires, China>Riders and Help>Slip>Franklin's - they are the most popular opening tunes for the 2nd sets of 1984. 

"After the second set the band left the stage and the lights went down and they unveiled some large screens. Everyone was filled with anticipation because they started showing photos af Stars, Galaxies, Planets, and the like. Then Phil came out and stepped up to the mike and said, "We're going to do something special for you; one night and one night only.""

The Stream continues to wind around and through the live music of the Grateful Dead on every week.

Friday, September 30, 2011

October is Dead

1984. In order to align with the Divine, we must draw inward toward the middle, the place of strength. How does this relate to Shakedown Stream? In reviewing the list of featured shows, it appears that we need to fill in some of the spaces. What does that mean? Well, some years like 1971 and 1984 have been neglected. Therefore, in order to create balance, we need to direct the stream toward the lesser-played years. September brought out some stellar 1971 shows and this month it's 1984 all over again. Next week, look for something special to kick off this Orwellian extravaganza as we create a balanced flow of music that spans the decades of the Dead's career. 

As a special treat, the Stream explores the notion that there are three kinds of deadheads: China>Riders, Scarlet>Fires and/or Help>Slip>Franklin heads. Which one(s) are you???

Shakedown Stream
One More Tuesday Night @ 5pm on
Heart of Gold Land

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall of 1971

Our review of 1971 is heading into the home stretch. The Shakedown Stream spotlight has shown on Dead shows from winter, spring, summer and fall this month. This week's stream is a fall show from October 1971 from Rochester, NY. October '71 marks Keith Godchaux's debut as the Dead's new keyboard player while Pigpen was on hiatus. Keith went on to play with the boys during their most celebrated years of ' 73, '74 & '77.

Click on >

Shakedown Stream
Tuesday @ 5pm

Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer of 1971

The featured show on Shakedown Stream this week is a Grateful Dead show from the summer of 1971. We are incrementally moving through 1971. A cross section of '71 Dead is being examined in quarterly sections. That brings us to the Summer of '71. Click onto the Stream on and/or iTunes and find out which Dead show will be featured in the Stream.

Keep on Streaming >

Shakedown Stream
Tuesday @ 5pm

Summer of 1971

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Humboldt to Chicago

Hey Jer,
I’ve wanted to write you for awhile but I felt I needed to make my donation before I did. I finally was able to send you some funds to keep the stream flowing and just wanted to share my thanks for everything you do. You recently helped me on a drive from Humboldt to Chicago, I listened to podcasts for about 13 of the 30 or so hours that drives involves. I had to get my truck out of storage out there after some unfortunate circumstances. Either way, you keep me going on my bike rides, drives etc. I've listened since 09 and originally just wanted to hear the shows, now I look forward to the bear essentials and the pigpen. I love what you're doing and probably just like any other head my experience with the music is mostly personal but it results in an expression of emotion and love that is preferably shared with someone around me. Keep up the good work and I hope my donation goes to shakedown. 

Peace - Matt

Friday, September 9, 2011

Furthur Fall Tour

Furthur just announced dates for a Fall Tour on the East Coast. After their fall shows in the mountain states and the west coast, they will take a break for about a month. Then - they are to play some shows out East. Check it out: Furthur

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Boys of 1971

I think of few things when I think of '71 Dead: ... vintage Pig Pen rapping on "Lovelight" and "Good Lovin' "(4/17/71- Princeton, NJ), Mickey Hart leaving the band - not to return until Oct of '74 (10/20/74 - Winterland), Keth Godchaux joining the band on piano (10/19/71 - Minneapolis, MN), Pig Pen takes a hiatus and does not return until 11/20/71 and the famous April Fillmore East shows in New York City with The New Riders of Purple Sage.

The boys of 1971 went through some significant changes. Pig Pen was waning and playing less of a front man role, they were breaking out new songs  (Wharf Rat, Greatest Story Ever Told, Playing in the Band, Comes A Time) and they would have 1 drummer - Billy K - for a few years. The improvisational jamming was less, but still pure and authentic. 

Join me every week for the rest of September as we review the different time periods of the Grateful Dead of 1971 on mvyradio's Shakedown Stream
Jer Bear

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1971 & The Dead

Shakedown Stream is featuring the Grateful Dead from 1971 for the month of September. In reviewing the list of all the shows that have been featured on Shakedown Stream, 1971 appears to have been neglected or, at least, on the short side of attention. I thank Dr. StreamBase for helping us keep track of all the featured Streams. We can review where we have been and see where we want to go.

A theme within 1971 may reveal itself, we'll just have to see where the current flows.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Eyes have it !

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Eyes have it! Please join me once again for another episode of Shakedown Stream on The last episode of our theme of "Eyes of the World" features another Grateful Dead show from 1973; the first year that Eyes of the World was displayed for the masses. The theme developed on its own in much the same fashion as the Stream itself - it breathes and pulsates to its own inner rhythms. 
We started with a show from February 1973 and then moved to a show from March 1973. This week, expect a show from April 1973 - one that possesses one of the great early versions of Eyes of the World. Listen! and then wake up to find out you are the Eyes of the World. You always have been, now you know it and, for heaven's sake, try not to forget it. Maybe somewhere down the road, we will theme Eyes again and focus on 1974, but for now ... & iTunes
Tuesday @ 5pm - Beach Time
Wake Up!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wake Up !!

Wondering where the nuthatch lives? Tune into Shakedown Stream this week for another installment of our Eyes of the World summer spectacular. First released on the 1973 release "Wake of the Flood", Eyes of the World went through many incantations. However, they first broke the tune out in Palo Alto in Feb of '73 before it made it on the album (many Grateful Dead songs were played live before recorded and officially released)- we'll hear that version in this week's Shakedown Stream. They played Eyes in 1973 more than any other year - 49 times, in fact, that was more than twice as many times than any of the years from 74 - 95. This week's Featured Show will also include an Eyes of the World that shows the song's evolution in the first year from a few weeks after last week's show. 

Grateful Dead - Eyes Of The World -

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eyes of the World

All eyes...and ears - listen up. The next three weeks of Shakedown Stream explores the exquisite song "Eyes of the World." We'll hear some of the earliest renditions, famous "stand-alone" versions, guest musicians, rare studio out-takes, and classic Esty>Eyes' gems from throughout the decades. Pour yourself a tall lemonade, sit back, and enjoy.

"Right outside this lazy summer home
you don't have time to call your soul a critic, no 
Right outside the lazy gate of winter's summer home
wondering where the nuthatch winters
Wings a mile long just carried the bird away
Wake up to find out 
that you are the eyes of the World
but the heart has its beaches
its homeland and thoughts of its own
Wake now, discover that you
are the song that the morning brings
but the heart has its seasons
its evenings and songs of its own."

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grateful Dead - Fire On The Mountain - Egypt 9-16-78

The Grateful Dead have the unique distinction of being the one Rock n Roll band to have played at the Pyramids in Egypt. In 1978, they played three nights in Cairo, Egypt. A couple of years ago, the Dead released a DVD video of the show from 9/16/78 - footage that some of us have never seen before. Enjoy - Peace - Jer Bear. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grateful Dead Night

Tuesday, August 9th, the World Champion San Francisco Giants will be hosting Grateful Dead Night at AT & T Park in San Francisco. Furthur members Phil Lesh & Bob Weir will be singing the National Anthem, joined by SF Giants 3rd Base Coach Tim Flannery. 

Tim Flannery, you're asking? Mr. Flannery is an accomplished Americana singer-songwriter -guitar player. When Kris Kristofferson wrote the memorable line; "From the Kentucky coal mines to the California sun," in his classic song, "Me and Bobby McGee" he could have easily been referring to the gifted coach, musician and avid surfer.

Born in Tulsa, OK, Flannery always had baseball and music in his blood. The nephew of former Major League Baseball star Hal Smith, Mr. Flannery carved out a successful baseball career playing with the San Diego Padres from 1979-1989 before finding a new career in coaching. Throughout his travels as a baseball player and coach, Flannery, known as "The Flan Man," has continued to carve out a successful music career performing with his band: The Enablers and recording 8 albums with such seasoned musicians as Doug Pettibone, Jeff Berkeley, Dennis Capplinger, Calman Hart, and Randi Driscoll.

"Pure Jerry" - Part 2

"Might As Well" take that ride again. Join us for episode 2
of Pure Jerry. It will be more of the same, but different.

August 9th is the anniversary of Jerry Garcia's death, therefore, this show will have a more somber tone to it. Yet, look forward to "mini sets", sparkling gems representative of Jerry Garcia's style and brilliance.

Shakedown Stream & iTunes
Tuesday @ 5pm - Jerry Time

"Shine On, keep on shining, shine on.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pure Jerry - Part 1

As tradition would have it, we celebrate the life and music of Jerry Garcia each year between August 1st and August 9th. Believe it or not, it is that time again. Shakedown Stream will play and jam to some of the finest musical chestnuts of Jerry Garcia ranging from the Grateful Dead to the Jerry Garcia Band and other obscure Jerry projects. 

Part 1 of "Pure Jerry" will contain material designated specifically for this year's celebration of Jerry's life and musical legacy, and will flow into the Stream seamlessly, blending Jerry's virtuoso leads, soulful vocals, and mindbending riffs into a raging river of psychedelic bliss.

Om Shri Garciananda Namaha...

Shakedown Stream & iTunes

Tuesday @ 5pm - Jerry Time
Without Love in the Stream
It will never come true.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Furthuring and Streaming

         Hey JerBear,
       This is Walter in New York and I'm writing in for the first time. I've been tapped into the stream since summer of '09 and have listened religiously ever since. I just wanted to say that shakedown stream is always one of the highlights of my week. This summer I'm taking classes at SUNY Geneseo, a college near Rochester. I just got my Further tickets this week for the July 26, (this coming tuesday), show and I couldn't be more excited. The first place I heard that they were playing near me was on the stream when you read the summer tour dates. It's that funny named town that was giving you problems, Canandaigua, that I have tickets for. It is so hard to say and spell that it's somewhat of a running joke for people who live around here. The easy explanation is to say it like this: cannon like a war cannon, day, and gwuh. Cannondaygwuh is how it should be spelled. 
       Anyway, thanks for all the streams, they never fail to satisfy my dead fix. My buddies and I will be listening to the new stream on tuesday afternoon as we prepare for the show and we'd love to hear a good long Franklin's Tower this week. Maybe you could even send the formidable vibes at the control of the stream towards Further and see if we can coax a Franklins out on tuesday night aswell. 
Thanks for doin what you do and keep on streamin my friend, 
    Walter in NY

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Furthur in New Jersey

It is fun to pay attention to the set lists of the Rock 'n Roll Bands that we love. DeadHeads are known to be fanatical about it. I found myself at the last Furthur show I was at, helping the person behind me with keeping track of his set lists. He did not know the name of Two Djinn - a RatDog song. 

Here is the set lists of the Furthur show from tonight:

Sun. 7-24-11 
Garden State Arts Center 
Holmdel, NJ 

Set 1 
Here Comes Sunshine > 
Jack Straw > 
Ashes & Glass 
Tennessee Jed > 
Cumberland Blues 
Alabama Getaway > 
Feel Like a Stranger 

Set 2 
The Wheel > 
Samson & Delilah 
Eyes Of The World > 
All Along The Watchtower > 
Terrapin Station Suite 
Unbroken Chain 
We Love You > 
Throwing Stones 
E: Donor Rap 
Touch Of Grey

Coming Coming Coming Coming ARouNd

It seems like a good a time as any to bring this Blog page back around. So here it goes, after a hiatus from maintaining this Shakedown ...