Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shakedown Stream: 10/27/09 Set List

Episode #97 is the last Philly Spectrum show featured on Shakedown Stream. For one week, there was a poll posted on of five Philly Spectrum shows for streamers to select from. The 10/20/89 show received the most votes. I was hoping for 5/1/09 and others were thinking it should be 5/2/09 (the official last Dead show at Philly), however, we do not always get what we want. Nonetheless, this show from '89 was a very good selection. The boys play one of only 2 versions ever played of "California Earthquake." It was on 10/17/89 that the earthquake of '89 happened in the San Francisco Bay area. The boys were on the east coast touring when their home town experienced this tragedy. Almost all of the songs are from the Philly Spectrum. I hope you enjoyed the theme. Peace - Jer Bear

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dead Rings: In a Class of their own.

Dear Dead Head,

For nearly four thousand years, in culture after culture, the signet ring has remained a clear symbol of personal affinity. For men and women of distinction, this classic piece of jewelry has always denoted a valued position, a special bond. Today that tradition continues. Those who wear signet rings share membership in a very special group of people.

It is with great pride that we offer Dead Heads all around the world, a work of exceptional beauty and superb craftsmanship – the Grateful Dead Tour Alumni Ring.

Officially licensed by Grateful Dead Productions and available in a wide choice of metals, each ring bears the classic "Steal Your Face" logo in striking bas-relief. The sculptured features of the designs, remarkably precise, have been achieved through "lost-wax" casting – a rare technique preferred since the early Renaissance for its ability to capture intricate detail.

This demanding technique requires the expertise of very gifted artisans. For this reason, Jostens, one of America’s most respected names in jewelry, has been authorized to create this superb keepsake. Twice selected by the International Olympic Committee to craft its gold, silver and bronze medals, and twenty-eight time supplier of Super Bowl Championship Rings, Jostens has been a name synonymous with excellence since 1897.

Your ring will be a very personal possession, custom crafted to your order, with your name engraved inside the band in elegant script. Then, only after it is polished to a rich luster that distinguishes the finest jewelry, will it be presented to you, ready for a lifetime of wear.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shakedown Stream: 10/27/09 - Everything is Ok!

I know, I know, I know ... I have received all your emails regarding the latest episode of Shakedown Stream. I am okay. I am not lost. Nothing has happened to the show. For some reason, there was a glitch in the regularly posted stream from Tuesday at 5pm (yes, it was last week's episode, you were not having a flashback) and it is not posted on iTunes - yet. The stream has been posted, however, on The Archives page at I apologize for the complication and the interruption to your regularly scheduled stream. Everything is okay. peace - Jer Bear

Bob Weir to Perform Benefit Concert

Bob Weir to Perform at Benefit for Global Security


10th Anniversary Celebration of the

NOVEMBER 1, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shakedown Stream: 10/20/09

Every week, after the dust has settled and we gear up for a new episode of Shakedown Stream, Jer Bear posts the set lists from the previous Shakedown Stream. The listeners - or better know as the Streamers - have asked if a set list of show could be provided so as to help them identify a song(s) that they liked.

All streamers are instructed to go to every week to view the set list of the featured show every week on Shakedown Stream. It is how it has always been done since the beginning of time. It is easy, plug in the date of the particular show, submit the query and then view the set list. As we go forward, improvements and adjustments will be made to the weekly set list.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Grateful Dead: A Complete Road Trip

They keep coming at a consistent pace. Who says it is not a race? Anyway, this is twice that they (whoever they are) have released a Jerry Garcia Band CD release and a Road Trips at the same time. The significance is that they released a Road Trips of a whole Dead show (the 1968 RDTrips was complete as well). I love it, I love it, I love it. Do you think they are listening to us and doing complete shows? Here is what they say about it on their web page:

"The latest installment in our Road Trips series, now entering its third big year (and ninth release overall) is bound to become a favorite. Road Trips Vol. 3, No. 1 is the complete show from December 28, 1979, part of the sparkling run that has already given us the excellent Dick’s Picks: Vol. 5 (from 12/26/79). You’ll recall that these year-end concerts, held at the Oakland Auditorium because Winterland had closed down for good the previous New Year’s Eve, were the first holiday shows featuring new keyboardist Brent Mydland, who joined the band in April 1979."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jerry Garcia: New CD Release


Double-Disc Collection Includes Rare Early Performances Of The Group’s Original Lineup, Featuring Legendary Pianist Nicky Hopkins, Recorded Live In Berkeley, November 1975

LOS ANGELES — For Jerry Garcia, 1975 was a seminal year that found him splitting time between recording Blues for Allah with the Dead, directing The Grateful Dead Movie, and forming the Jerry Garcia Band–his long-running side project. JGB’s earliest days are the subject of a two-disc live collection recorded during that momentous year. THE JERRY GARCIA COLLECTION, VOL. 2: LET IT ROCK, JERRY GARCIA BAND, NOVEMBER 17 & 18, 1975, KEYSTONE BERKELEY will be available November 10 from Jerry Garcia Family/Rhino at physical retail outlets and at for a suggested list price of $19.98.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shakedown Stream: ride the sweet vibe

Jer Bear!

I've been shakin it down with you since I found the stream this past spring. Thank you for what you do; doling out the Grateful dead lore and history, bringing the bear essentials, and sharing choice shows from every era and phase of this glorious band! Your show shines through and we can all feel your love for the band and the music. Tuesday's don't come quick enough, when I hear "hey now, hey now" I know I am in for something good.

I live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan. I ride the stream's sweet vibe every day as I sail over the Manhattan bridge on the Q train. Listening to a gritty Pig Pen show or hearing shows from the Dead this Spring with the East river rolling and the city skyline glinting and sprinting skyward just knocks me out every time. You are a part of that, just wanted to share it with you.

Thanks again, keep groovin
Peace and Love from the BK,

Empire State Building got dosed

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dead Gigabytes - Too Much Streamed.

Hey Jer Bear,

I thought you would appreciate that I figured out why I was having trouble downloading this week's stream. It turns out that all 16 gigabytes of my iphone was taken up by one thing.. Shakedown Streams! I enjoy the show a lot and have listened to each stream a couple of times. I guess I'm going to have to delete some of these off and visit the archive now and again.

Keep warm out there on the island. Peak colors are hitting here in Indiana. Time for bon fires, chili, and warm cider.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Further: New Year's Eve Show

Phil & Bobby are going even Further. They have announced two New Year's shows to bring in the new year of 2010. Their latest incantation of Further - consisting of Jeff & Jay of Ratdog, John Kadlecik of Dark Star Orchestra and Joe Russo of Benevento Russo Duo - will journey Further by celebrating and jamming some New Year's shows in the San Francisco Bay Area just like the Grateful Dead.

The fans talked of this, certainly wondered about it, they engaged in speculation and they even set the intention to the Universe - now it is real. "Love is real, Not Fadeway."

  • December 30 & 31
  • Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Doors: 6:00 / Showtime: 7:30 PM
  • All Tickets General Admission
  • **12.31 Will Be A Special Three Set Show**

Friday, October 16, 2009

Phladelphia Stream

Rocking the ...tober on Shakedown Stream. The Philly Spectrum is ending it's venue-ness at the end of this month. Ergo, we are celebrating the life of this grand old place by playing a full spectrum of Grateful Dead shows on Shakedown Stream -'s very own grateful dead show.

Most stadiums are bad for sound because they were designed to be sports arenas. For some reason, the Philly Spectrum had good sound. Who knows why, I guess they got lucky. We have two more streams to feature this month of Rocktober. Find out this Tuesday at 5pm on, what I select out of the 50 or so shows from the Philly spectrum. "Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart. You just gotta poke around."

Monday, October 12, 2009

Shakedown Stream Friends

Hey Now Streamers -
Anyone who donates $25, or more, and checks the Shakedown Stream box on the donation form, will receive a limited edition lithograph of this beautiful piece of art. Each print is signed by the artist herself. My dear friends this print is a collectible and has been generously donated by the artist to support Shakedown Stream and

Also, do not forget that if you donate $25 or more before November 15th - you will be automatically entered for an opportunity to win the Grand prize. No purchase necessary - see Friends of to check what you can win. (Only streamers from the US are eligible for the Grand Prize)

The artist - Loretta Feeney - is a listener of Shakedown Stream and a local artist. People from around the world come to visit Martha's Vineyard for her beauty and cool vistas. This is a once in a lifetime to give and receive at the same time.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Grateful Dead: Rocktober in Philly!

The Philly Spectrum is coming down. Yet, before they officially end the place, October is Rocktober for the Philly Spectrum on Shakedown Stream. I wish there were more weeks in the month so we could stream lots of the Grateful Dead shows at the Spectrum over the years. We will, however, pick different shows so as to cover the best spectrum of shows. Of course, 1973 is thought to be one of great years, ergo, we will pay homage to both year and venue.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dead Scene in New York


Grateful Dead to Rise in New York Exhibition

Published: October 2, 2009

Though the Grateful Dead are most closely associated with the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, the Upper West Side of Manhattan can briefly lay claim to that industrious and ever-evolving band in the weeks and months ahead. In March, the New-York Historical Society will open an exhibition tracing the Grateful Dead’s history and cultural influence. In a release, the society said the show, “The Grateful Dead: Now Playing at the New-York Historical Society,” would feature artwork, posters, marionettes and other stage props, as well as banners and decorated fan mail from the band’s 30-year career. Before that opening, the society will hold a fund-raising event, which the Grateful Dead members Phil Lesh and Bob Weir are expected to attend, where items from the Grateful Dead Archive at the University of California, Santa Cruz, will be previewed. Information on the Oct. 21 event is available online

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tear This Old Building Down!

The Philly Spectrum, site of over 50 Grateful Dead shows, is scheduled to be demolished sometime early next year. October is the last month for any and all performances at the Spectrum, with Pearl Jam as the final band to jam at the legendary venue.

The Spectrum was always a special destination for East Coast Deadheads. The Grateful Dead played more shows at the Spectrum than any other venue on the East Coast - 53 to be exact. Join me as we spotlight Philly Spectrum shows for the entire month of October. May 4, 1981 will be the first show to get us going this week. Peace, Jer Bear.

Coming Coming Coming Coming ARouNd

It seems like a good a time as any to bring this Blog page back around. So here it goes, after a hiatus from maintaining this Shakedown ...