Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Dead Scene

"We did some of our best networking over grilled cheese sandwiches and lines at the port-o-potties." The Shakedown Stream podcast on is primarily focused on the music of the Grateful Dead. We feature specific Dead shows from a specific venue and specific date and year.  However, the Dead scene was just as important, if not more, as the music. The parking lot was where deadheads communicated with each other, sold t-shirts, held drum circles, bought tickets and developed social skills that could not be found in other place in our society. Dare I say, it was an early form of Facebook or Twitter. We learned how to connect with people we did not know, but shared an interest in the same band.

An article in "socialtext" speaks to the Dead scene …

Friday, November 15, 2013

Garcia's Guitar is For Sale

The guitar Jerry Garcia used in the late 70's is for sale. The white Travis Bean that all diehard deadheads know so well  will be up for auction. Steve Parish - Garcia's right hand man and protector of Jerry's guitars - reports it was the 3rd most played guitar by Garcia. Juliens Auctions will be held December 6th & 7th. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jerry on Acid

Last week's episode of Shakedown Stream featured the Grateful Dead at the Acid Tests. Interestingly enough, Rolling Stone's Nov 5th article by Kiran Herbert writes about this very topic. In it is a YouTube animated video (which is kinda weird) set to a Jerry Garcia interview about the Dead and the Acid Tests. The interviewer is Joe Smith, the guy who was the president of Warner Brother records when the Dead were making albums on their label. Check it out, it's kinda interesting in lieu of our recent Shakedown Stream on

Saturday, November 9, 2013

MVY Radio Springs Back !

Hey Now! MVY Radio is coming back to the Island airwaves this Spring. After a brief hiatus, some foundational reorganization, a tweaking of the model and time for inner reflection, MVY announced earlier this week its' plan to be back on the FM dial. Read More

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Acid Tests

The death of Lou Reed last week has prompted a comparison of the Grateful Dead and the Velvet Underground. Both bands called themselves The Warlocks in 1965, but both bands changed their names upon learning that another band had already recorded under that name. The Dead were the house band for Ken Kesey and the Marry Pranksters Acid Tests in San Francisco. Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground were the house band for Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable in New York City. These two bands were the pioneers in the extended jam as well as performing electrical feedback on stage. 

Join us this week on Shakedown Stream as we present a live performance of the Dead at an Acid Test in San Francisco in 1966. It is one of the LSD experimental sounds that contributed to the cultural revolution in America during  the 1960s. Can You Pass the Acid Test?

Coming Coming Coming Coming ARouNd

It seems like a good a time as any to bring this Blog page back around. So here it goes, after a hiatus from maintaining this Shakedown ...