Saturday, August 29, 2009

September Devoted to International Dead

The month of September will be devoted to "International" Grateful Dead shows: Canada, Europe or Egypt. Our first feature show will take us to the famous Rainbow Theatre in London, England. In 1981, the Dead played a run of shows at the Rainbow Theatre in early October as well as other venues in Europe. However, it should be noted that the Grateful Dead played periodically abroad thus requiring a US passport. They played in Canada in the 60s as well as other years, they played 3 shows in Cairo, Egypt, and played numerous times in Europe. Stay tuned for the next feature shows coming up through out the month. Who knows where this theme will take us; France in 1974, Ontario in 1990 or their first night in front of the Pyramids in 1978.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sweet !!

I know we have often heard people say, "that was a sweet jam," but this photo cuts the cake.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Streaming with the Prez.

What a -kinda- long strange trip it's been !! Remember when President Obama was in a tough primary with Hillary Clinton and we were wondering what was going to happen? Then it looked like he was in a tight race against Sen. McCain when in October the economy went south? Yet, after a long strange trip, President Obama won, history was made and we witnessed his inspirational speech in Grant Park in Chicago. Now, in late August, the summer is almost over and President Obama is here on Martha's Vineyard.

We also shall never forget what the Grateful Dead did for President Obama. They got back together to play fundraisers for President Obama's campaign in San Francisco and Pennsylvania. Some would even say that President Obama's historic run for office brought The Dead back to life. After those successful events, Phil, Bobby, Mickey & Billy got back together for a spectacular Spring '09 Tour that still has us dancing in the streets.

I am not sure if President Obama came to vacation on Martha's Vineyard to play golf, swim, surf, eat fresh seafood or to hang with other big-time Democrats - who knows? There are a few of things that we can be sure of - it has been a long strange trip since his campaign began, he was elected the 44th President of the United States, and he is vacationing on the island. That is what people do - they come here to Martha's Vineyard with their familes to vacation, chill out, and relax. It is also a great place to stream one of the finest Grateful Dead shows in the galaxy - Shakedown Stream on Welcome Mr. President. I am still fired up, but for now, enjoy the island, keep your head down and swing easy. Peace, Jer Bear

Friday, August 21, 2009

How Much Further?

Many of us DeadHeads are very excited that Phil & Bobby are getting together for these three Further shows in September. And like most DeadHeads, we are all wondering what it means. Will they do more shows? If so, when? Will they tour in the winter and where will they tour? East Coast? Mid-West? Down South? Or just the Bay area? What? When? Where?

It's funny, isn't it? One thing we do know is that Bob Weir & RatDog are scheduled for shows on these dates:
October 2009
16, 17 - Philadelphia, PA - Tower Theatre
19, 20 - New York, NY - Grand Ballroom
22, 23, 24 - New York, NY - Beacon Theatre

As we can see, October is not a possibility, but maybe November or December or a New Year's show. Supposedly, however, John Kadelcik said on Facebook any further shows would happen next year. Who knows. This does leave next year a possibility Winter or Spring of 2010 as a possibility. Let's hope so.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

mvyradio Streaming in the Deep Ocean

Hey Now Folks -
Every so often I receive an email from a listener that rocks my soul. I just got one that made me proud and left me stoked. Check it out:

Hey Jer -
Thanks for all the great music, I have a strange story on how I discovered you. I will give you the short version, I have been in the Navy for 17 years and have always been a huge Dead fan. Well before leaving on a 3 month trip, I discovered your podcast ... without even knowing, it was downloading to my IPOD. Well, one day under the water on mission, I was going through my music and found a great ray of sunshine and happiness ... was Shakedown Stream. It had downloaded probably about 20 of your shows ... I was totally stoked!!

Well since that trip, I have done many more underwater adventures and your show always comes along for the ride!! There are not many deadheads in the Navy that I know of so this experience doesn't move them as much as me!! Keep up the great work, and I will be relocating soon and will be finishing up my last few years of service in a new place ... Shakedown Stream will always be with me, just like the Grateful Dead!! The music makes me smile!!
Chief Petty Officer
United States Navy

Right On!! Nothing pleases me more than listeners who take The Stream to far away places and listen to the music play. It is hard to say if going deep under water with The Stream is further away than Outer Mongolia, but it is definitely different. Thanks to everybody who streams Shakedown Stream every week. Peace - Jer Bear

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Miracle Ticket

"A Miracle Ticket" is a term used by DeadHeads to describe a ticket received magically. These tickets appear in many different ways. The most memorable miracle is when one is given to you free by a stranger.

I remember going to a Jerry Garcia Band show at the Hartford Bushnell back in the early 80's. As my friend and I got off the highway, we saw DeadHeads holding signs saying "Need A Ticket" at the end of the exit ramp. My friend was worried because we did not have tickets. I was not worried for I believed in Miracles. As we drove closer to the Bushnell, we saw more and more people looking for tickets (my belief was being challenged). It seemed like there were more people looking for tickets than there were people who had them. I told my friend, "... have faith, we will park the car and walk up to the main doorway." We were 10 feet away from the main entrance when someone opened the exit door and said "come on in." That was our Miracle Ticket.

I have had many Miracle Tickets since that night. The phenomenon exists today - The Dead shows of Spring '09 or Phil & Friends or Bobby & RatDog shows, we still see DeadHeads holding their index fingers up in the air saying, "I Need A Miracle." This Tuesday on, everyone gets a Miracle Ticket to the Grateful Dead at Oxford Speedway, Maine on July 2, 1988. This show received the most votes in the most recent listener poll. Join me on @ 5pm or on iTunes for this week's Shakedown Stream.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Billy Goes Phishing

Well how about that - Billy K. sat in with Phish at Red Rocks. Thatz right, during their 2nd set, Billy's drum set was put together next to Fishman's and he jammed with the boys of Vermont. Obama brought the Dead back together and is now working on putting the country back together. Now we witness a united front of the best of what the jam band scene has to offer. Right on!! Check out the story on Relix and this Blog Page where I stole this photo. Everybody - please help to spread the peace and music around the World.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jerry Garcia Tribute

Jerry Garcia was born August 1, 1942 and died on August 9, 1995. Every August I create a special show devoted to Garcia's music. Deadheads, radio stations, and podcasters across the nation celebrate Mr. Garcia in myriad ways. Somewhere, someone is eating a pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream wearing a Jerry Garcia tie, watching the Grateful Dead movie.

This week, Shakedown Stream is devoted to the music of Jerry Garcia.

Coming Coming Coming Coming ARouNd

It seems like a good a time as any to bring this Blog page back around. So here it goes, after a hiatus from maintaining this Shakedown ...