Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shakedown Stream: New Set Lists

Many, many listeners of Shakedown Stream have asked if I could post a set list of each episode. That way they could see the name of the song, and also the date and venue of where the song was played. I have talked about this on the Stream and have read emails on the air regarding this request. I have decided that the best place to do this is on the Shakedown Stream blog page. This blog is the most democratic format because you don't have to have a Facebook or MySpace account to access it. Please feel free to make suggestions - email I am also providing a link for the set list of the featured show to Deadbase. Here it goes -

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Further on East

Phil Lesh & Bobby Weir will go Further to the East Coast. Their new Further band of Jeff Chimenti (keyboards), John Kadlecik (lead guitar), Jay Lane (drums) and Joe Russo (drums) will perform 5 East Coast shows. The dates have been set for New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey. :

December 8th & 9th
Hammerstein Ballroom
New York City

December 11th
Chevrolet Theatre @ Oakdale
Wallingford, CT

December 12th & 13th
Ashbury Park Convention Hall
Ashbury, NJ

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grateful Dead: Another Box!

I am happy and I approve. Some years ago, but not too long ago, we Deadheads were not happy with the way the Grateful Dead were handling their music releases. For example, they put out a miraculous box set of the Fillmore West shows from 1969. The planning of this release was poorly executed, producing only a limited amount that sold out quickly. Many of these box sets were auctioned off on eBay for outrageous prices. Next, in a move some Deadheads view as a sacrilege - the band turned the vault over to Rhino records. They then made and stop offering soundboard recordings for download which seemed to many to go against longstanding tradition. As Jerry Garcia once said "When we're done with it, do with it what you want".

For a period of time after these events there were no CD releases. Many of us felt that they were missing a golden opportunity to sell professionally "cleaned-up" versions of Dead shows. Then, something started to happen. The first "Road Trips" series came out - not complete shows, which can be frustrating, but it was something. The quality was spectacular. Finally, Deadheads rejoiced when they began releasing complete shows like the box set of Winterland 1973, Egypt 1978, Hartford 1977 and now this new box set.

Yes, I am happy because they are offering up three shows from Winterland - June 7, 8 & 9 of 1977. What a beautiful thing, wrapped in a gorgeous package to boot. In hindsight, it was worth the wait for the Dead to present us with a really good product. Pre-order this set soon and you'll receive the bonus CD with it. I approve!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Shakedown Stream: Paris, France

September keeps us shaking and streaming on mvyradio. Our unlimited devotion to the Grateful Dead and our "International Dead" theme this month has stamped our passports a few times. We have traveled to London, Ontario and Cairo, Egypt. This week we journey back to Europe to the beautiful city of Paris - the city of love. They did 7 shows in Europe in 1974; one of their best years.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Grateful Dead: Streaming to the Pyramids

The Grateful Dead played three shows at the foot of the great Pyramids of Egypt. As we all know, the Grateful Dead were not an ordinary rock 'n roll band - they used music to transcend reality, to go on a vision quest, to experience something spiritual in a communal way. On the Europe '72 tour, Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh visited Stonehenge and were inspired to bring their music to an ancient place such as the Pyramids. Deadheads recognize that certain places have shamanistic powers that enhance musical experiences. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether it is the music that makes the place transformational or the actual location - Red Rocks - that possesses the magic, but, probably a little bit of both (even the Meadowlands in New Jersey can transcend and become mystical, especially if the band is firing on all pistons).

In our International Dead tour this month, we have travelled to London and Canada, and now we are going "a little but further than we've gone before." I have been waiting for the right time to feature the official Rhino release of the September 1978 Egypt show. I am also pleased to be giving away a free copy of this CD/DVD release of this amazing concert. Stamp your passport, saddle your camel, and open yourself to the ancient energies of the Great Pyramids.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Peaking at Woodstock

I saw "Taking Woodstock" this weekend. Certainly there is some debate about the actual veracity of the story, but who cares. I did not attend this awesome concert - three day musical festival - I was 4 years old in 1969. Even though my favorite band did not have a "successful performance", I have always thought it was cool. The wicked funny humor and story line worked for me. It seemed slow at first and I wondered when does this get groovy. Then it did - I heard the Grateful Dead playing China Cat Sunflower in the background (I do not know if it was a China Cat from the actual concert). This is not a movie review, but I will tell you that the LSD induced hallucinations were right on - very well done.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Grateful Dead: Across the Northern Border

As we continue with our September theme - International Dead - this week we will head up north, across the border to Canada. The Grateful Dead played 30 shows in Canada starting in 1966 in Vancouver. Shakedown Stream's feature show this week is the 1st night at the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario (3/21/90). This show touches on a wide spectrum of themes - the full moon, Labor Day wknd, Pig Pen's birthday (9/8/45) and a couple Brent tunes.

Don't worry, I will do something nice for Mr. Ron "Pigpen" McKernan and stay in keeping with the International Dead theme. This show is the 90th episode of Shakedown Stream on Thanks for streaming.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shakedown Stream - Why We Listen

Hey Jerbear -

Hey - just wanted to send you a quick note how important your show is to me. I recently got a promotion that entailed moving to Virginia. My family is still in NJ where I am from. My new gig involves lots of driving around to check on different operations throughout the day. The only thing keeping me sane - as I trouble shoot from building to building day after day - is your awesome show! When I miss my two kids and wife, I crank up the stream. Please keep up your killer show, awesome comments and cool insights into the band that I love. You are truly a great person for providing fans with excellent quality shows every single week!! Tuesday is the high point of my week because I know I get another huge chunk of love.

Thank you for your hard work and devotion,
Matthew M.

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