Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NorthWest 1977 & The Wolf

On September 28, 1977, the Grateful Dead returned to the road beginning with four shows in the Northwest - Seattle, Washington & Portland, Oregon. I have to admit, in preparing for this month's theme, I unwittingly discovered that the song "Dire Wolf" was performed at this show for the first time since 10/19/74. I also discovered why they broke out "Dire Wolf" on this night -- it was the same night Jerry Garcia brought out the famous Wolf guitar. I was so stoked to learn these synchronistic Dead facts that I decided to devote September to both the song and guitar. I even heard a difference in the music between the guitars Garcia played during the shows of September 1977. Jump into Shakedown Stream and enjoy the sounds of the Wolf guitar in the upper NorthWest Fall Tour 1977 shows. 

The Grateful Dead Return to the Garden

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