Friday, September 30, 2011

October is Dead

1984. In order to align with the Divine, we must draw inward toward the middle, the place of strength. How does this relate to Shakedown Stream? In reviewing the list of featured shows, it appears that we need to fill in some of the spaces. What does that mean? Well, some years like 1971 and 1984 have been neglected. Therefore, in order to create balance, we need to direct the stream toward the lesser-played years. September brought out some stellar 1971 shows and this month it's 1984 all over again. Next week, look for something special to kick off this Orwellian extravaganza as we create a balanced flow of music that spans the decades of the Dead's career. 

As a special treat, the Stream explores the notion that there are three kinds of deadheads: China>Riders, Scarlet>Fires and/or Help>Slip>Franklin heads. Which one(s) are you???

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall of 1971

Our review of 1971 is heading into the home stretch. The Shakedown Stream spotlight has shown on Dead shows from winter, spring, summer and fall this month. This week's stream is a fall show from October 1971 from Rochester, NY. October '71 marks Keith Godchaux's debut as the Dead's new keyboard player while Pigpen was on hiatus. Keith went on to play with the boys during their most celebrated years of ' 73, '74 & '77.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer of 1971

The featured show on Shakedown Stream this week is a Grateful Dead show from the summer of 1971. We are incrementally moving through 1971. A cross section of '71 Dead is being examined in quarterly sections. That brings us to the Summer of '71. Click onto the Stream on and/or iTunes and find out which Dead show will be featured in the Stream.

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Summer of 1971

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Humboldt to Chicago

Hey Jer,
I’ve wanted to write you for awhile but I felt I needed to make my donation before I did. I finally was able to send you some funds to keep the stream flowing and just wanted to share my thanks for everything you do. You recently helped me on a drive from Humboldt to Chicago, I listened to podcasts for about 13 of the 30 or so hours that drives involves. I had to get my truck out of storage out there after some unfortunate circumstances. Either way, you keep me going on my bike rides, drives etc. I've listened since 09 and originally just wanted to hear the shows, now I look forward to the bear essentials and the pigpen. I love what you're doing and probably just like any other head my experience with the music is mostly personal but it results in an expression of emotion and love that is preferably shared with someone around me. Keep up the good work and I hope my donation goes to shakedown. 

Peace - Matt

Friday, September 9, 2011

Furthur Fall Tour

Furthur just announced dates for a Fall Tour on the East Coast. After their fall shows in the mountain states and the west coast, they will take a break for about a month. Then - they are to play some shows out East. Check it out: Furthur

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Boys of 1971

I think of few things when I think of '71 Dead: ... vintage Pig Pen rapping on "Lovelight" and "Good Lovin' "(4/17/71- Princeton, NJ), Mickey Hart leaving the band - not to return until Oct of '74 (10/20/74 - Winterland), Keth Godchaux joining the band on piano (10/19/71 - Minneapolis, MN), Pig Pen takes a hiatus and does not return until 11/20/71 and the famous April Fillmore East shows in New York City with The New Riders of Purple Sage.

The boys of 1971 went through some significant changes. Pig Pen was waning and playing less of a front man role, they were breaking out new songs  (Wharf Rat, Greatest Story Ever Told, Playing in the Band, Comes A Time) and they would have 1 drummer - Billy K - for a few years. The improvisational jamming was less, but still pure and authentic. 

Join me every week for the rest of September as we review the different time periods of the Grateful Dead of 1971 on mvyradio's Shakedown Stream
Jer Bear

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1971 & The Dead

Shakedown Stream is featuring the Grateful Dead from 1971 for the month of September. In reviewing the list of all the shows that have been featured on Shakedown Stream, 1971 appears to have been neglected or, at least, on the short side of attention. I thank Dr. StreamBase for helping us keep track of all the featured Streams. We can review where we have been and see where we want to go.

A theme within 1971 may reveal itself, we'll just have to see where the current flows.

Coming Coming Coming Coming ARouNd

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