Sunday, January 10, 2010

Alabama Getaway - Not Really

The very first Stream of the year (click on image to the right to enlarge) started on a very good note. Episode #107 opened with a Cosmic Charlie which was then followed by lots of tunes that were auspicious for a New Year - a New Decade message: Love, Sunshine and Unbroken-ness.

The featured show was a college show - The Grateful Dead at the University of Alabama in the Spring of 1977. It showcases one of the first Jack-a-Roes' and they do everything else so sweetly. The set list may suggest a typical show, but it is the quality of the playing that makes this show more than typical. Below is a very nice email I received from a fellow Streamer regarding last week's Shakedown Stream - right on.

Hi Jer Bear, Tom in Cleveland here... I download and listen to The Stream every week. I try to workout everyday, and my routine is to pop in the ear buds and go for a ten mile ride (so to speak). Actually it’s a hour on the elliptical for cardio, than another hour of calisthenics, weight lifting, steam, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I appreciate your streams, and I really look forward to them. Anyway, The Alabama show this week was remarkable. Bob, Jerry, AND Donna's voices were all in tip top shape. What a pleasure hearing it. Jerry's noodling in the second set was sweet. Tom B.


  1. Jer Bear what's kickin? Mike (Coa) here.. Still phreaky after all these years.

  2. Love the graphic for the stream song list! VERY NICE! Keep on truckin!

    John (Indy)