Friday, August 13, 2010

"I wanna thank ya for a real good time"

Thank you all for joining me for the 2nd Part of our Jerry Tribute show “Days Between”. I think we all know we could easily go on forever with just Jerry tunes, but I think it is best to go back to our traditional format. That being said, our featured show this week is a classic 1972 show from Berkeley. I chose this show because of its' Dark Star. The focus for the remaining August shows will be ones' that contain a Dark Star. (click image for complete set list)

"There are many different kinds of Dark Stars: lyrical, spacey, hot, cold, fast, inspired, dull, and transcendent. This 8/21/72 Dark Star is a pretty old and unique specimen. I'm not especially crazy about the rest of this BCT show, although the band is in pretty fine form, Garcia plays with a great Europe '72 Stratocaster guitar tone and Keith plays his best." (Henry Kaiser - DeadBase)

What is it? Shakedown Stream
When is it? Tuesday @ 5pm eastern time
Where is it? & iTunes
Why is it? ...because we are too old play Twister

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