Thursday, September 2, 2010

20 years since ...

The theme for September: the 20th anniversary of the Madison Square Garden shows in New York City on September of 1990. We have 4 weeks to Stream in this month and they are 6 shows to chose from. One of them is already a Dicks Picks (DPS #9) and 2 other ones' are featured on a Road Trips release. No worries, we will figure it all out and have an awesome time.

Our first show to start off this month will be the 9/14/90 show. Bruce Hornsby had not yet joined the boys, that would came later on the 15th. Vince Welnick from the Tubes had just joined the band after Brent Mydland's death in July. Vince, at this point, had played 3 nights in Phillie and 2 nights in Ohio before they arrived in NYCity. Many deadheads were wondering and even concerned about the status of the band without Brent.

You will get to check it out for yourself -

What:     Shakedown Stream
When:    Tuesday at 5pm eastern time
Where: & iTunes
Why:      because you are invited.

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