Friday, June 17, 2011

Congratulations Boston !

In honor of the Boston Bruins' victory Wednesday night and
winning the Stanley Cup - Shakedown Stream will feature a Grateful Dead show from the city of Boston. You will have to join us to find out what show it will be and is, but that is half the fun - mystery and discovery!

For many of us, the original Boston Garden was where our 1st Dead show went down. That place had a way of swaying and moving to the music like no other. I even got busted by the cops for selling tie dye "Crazy Finger" T-Shirts before the show. (never before the show, never before the show, not before the show ...). Anyway, during the show, you would look up into the rafters and see the banners of The Bruins and The Celtics, and, sometimes, tie dye banners and dancing leprechauns.

Every week, we Stream the Grateful Dead on just for the fun of it.

Shakedown Stream & iTunes
Tuesday @ 5pm - Boston time
If I Had My Way!!

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