Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Streamer's Are Voting

... and swirling to the music of the Grateful Dead. That's the Deal for the month of November on mvyradio's Shakedown Stream - a Grateful Dead podcast. For the past three weeks - in celebration of the supporters of Shakedown Stream - Jer Bear has been posting a selection of live Dead shows for the supporters to vote for. Last week's vote included a recent Furthur show from New Hampshire - it won the most votes and was featured on this week's Stream. The momentum is growing - every week is receiving more and more votes. Join us for another round of voting with a new selection of shows from Legion of Mary, RatDog and of course, the Grateful Dead. Peace, JerBear


  1. Hey Now, Jer Ber! Truth betold, you and your fabulous program are my sanity! Many Thanks from Chicago!

  2. Hello Dr. Bear sir thank you for the new friends and keeping the Grateful Dead's fans in touch and having us make new friends through the wonderful shows you give us, the terrific commentary and the ability for us to connect as we would do during the days Jerry was alive but thanks to you he sure lives on