Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who Knows?

What will happen on Shakedown Stream this week on A full-length featured Grateful Dead show, definitely. However, what show - Who Knows?

In his Nobel Laureate speech, Max Born said:
“    ...To measure space coordinates and instants of time, rigid measuring rods and clocks are required. On the other hand, to measure momenta and energies, devices are necessary with movable parts to absorb the impact of the test object and to indicate the size of its momentum. Paying regard to the fact that quantum mechanics is competent for dealing with the interaction of object and apparatus, it is seen that no arrangement is possible that will fulfill both requirements simultaneously...[1]

Join me for another episode of Shakedown Stream ...
Happy New Year! Jer Bear

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  1. Jer Bear,

    10/16/81! A fabulous choice, IMO, to kick off the new year. I have thought about asking you to play this show, which I had on a cassette way back in college, many moons ago. But you already have been very generous in playing several other shows I have mentioned to you, so I haven't asked for this one. And yet, now, here it is!

    Thanks for all of your efforts, sir. I recently went back through my library of your podcasts -- I don't have every podcast, but I have most of them -- and I want to tell you that not only have I enjoyed them but I have shared them with/brought them to the attention of others I know who also loved this music. Keep on! And best wishes to you and your for a healthy and happy 2012.