Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jerry Right - Phil Left

Sometimes the smallest of changes can be huge. Take for example when Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh changed sides on stage. For quite some time, Jerry was stage right (our left) and Phil was stage left (our right). yet, one one particular Sunday night in Davis, California in March of 1982, that changed - Jerry and Phil switched sides - HUGE. 

This stage arrangement remained this way until the very end in 1995. Deadheads pay very close attention to such details of the Grateful Dead. Join me this week as we feature the last show with Jerry on the left and Phil on the right. 


  1. I was always told they switched sides in Durham NC, April '82.

  2. 85 Merriweather Post Maryland Jerry was on my Left. Remember it like yesterday,especially It's all over now ,baby blue encore. Fall tour Philadelphia 85 ,I remember talking with friends about the switch. At least, that is what my mind remembers.

    1. I'm pretty sure Jerry was on the audiences right at Merriweather 85...these pics are proof>>> :)