Saturday, November 3, 2012

Streaming in South Korea

 Jer Bear, 
> Killer 10/23 show. Just when I think they can't get better, or I think I've found my favorite in the archives, you spin something righteous! I am an engineer currently doing some work with renewable energy and green procurement in South Korea. In June of this year, I was looking to expand my Dead experience and scrolled too far down in ITunes. I stumbled onto the Podcast section, where I found The Shakedown Stream! Since then I have subscribed, and can't wait for your weekly upload. I literally have an Outlook reminder that tells me to go home and listen. I devote the entire evening to the Stream. I'm too young to have ever seen the band live, so maybe I'm not a Dead Head in the purest sense of the word, and I feel obligated to let you know that. However, the music speaks to my soul and helps me carry on.

>Anyway, Jer Bear, The Stream has been a positive, calming force during my time in Korea, where I have been away from my family and my home. Keep a song in your heart, truth in your word, a spring in your step, and carry the torch. 

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  1. Winterland Arena - 10/18/78

    This tape was one of my first true loves! I played the estimated so much, it's what I here in my head when the song comes up. How doe's the jam trickle in comparison to 78's Winterland. Thanks Jer Bear for giving it a chance!