Friday, April 26, 2013

Bob Weir Fell Down

"Easy to Slip - Easy to fall" - by now, we have all heard throughout the deadhead community, that Bob Weir fell down on stage during last night's show. Yes, it is true. Bobby fell down while Furthur was playing Unbroken Chain in the 2nd set at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY. It was the last night of a multiple run of shows at the famed theatre. Apparently, Bobby was not doing too well from the beginning of the show, however, it was not clear what was up. Sometimes the guys have off nights, but in the 2nd set, as the YouTube video indicates, Bobby starting slumping, getting wobbly, falling into Johnny K and then he hit the ground. He was helped up by stage hands and placed into a chair. Quite frankly, it did not look good. Kinda scary. 

The rumor is that he took some Ambien - a sleeping pill - for a shoulder injury
that happened earlier in the day. Who knows? I just hope he is okay and it is not serious. We may never know what what really happened - the details or facts. It may not be any of our business. Yet, more importantly, he is our guy, our comrade, the rhythm guitar player and singer of so many of the Grateful Dead songs that we all love. He has been keeping the candle burning for a long time, way past Jerry's death in '95. My thoughts and prayers are with Bobby Weir. Get well and stay well brother - Jer Bear

Rolling Stone article.

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