Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We Have a Winner !

We are happy to announce that we have a winner! Jim Stone from Newport, Rhode Island won the prize of the Shakedown Stream Box Sweepstakes by making a $$ donation to our fundraiser. His name was selected out of 79 people from across country who made $$ donations and were entered into the sweepstakes. After the deadline of May 9th - 12pm, a name was  randomly selected. Jim said, "don't pull my leg Jer Bear." He couldn't believe he won this limited edition Europe '72 Box containing all 22 Grateful Dead shows digitally remastered from the original multitrack recordings. We are also happy to report that we raised just over $5000 dollars for mvyradio.com's Grateful Dead podcast Shakedown Stream.

Thank You - Thank You -Thank You - Thank You -Thank You - Thank You -Thank You - Thank You -Peace, JerBear 

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  1. Hey JerBear this is that anonymous guy from the Midwest from a few years back......i was into Dylan growing up.......thanks for your shows......hope you didn't take my comment as prideful i just enjoyed that New Mexico show you played....i was going to request a Phil and Friends 'Changing of the Guards' as a friend recently said i was sort of in a Street Legal frame of mind......but just thanks .