Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Streamer's Choice

Keep on Streaming and keep on Voting for the Grateful Dead. Join us once again this week and every week throughout the month of November by choosing a Dead show from Jer Bear's collection. Last week, Streamer's picked the awesome Colgate Nov. 4th show from 1977. This week's selection is of four shows from the early 70s time period of the Grateful Dead. Every Tuesday @ 5pm (EST) click on for "Yours and Mine" Shakedown Stream with Jer Bear. 


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  2. On my phone samsung android I found the voting unavailable till I hit web version at very bottom of page. Yea so next time ill know and if anyone had the same brain freeze its all the way at bottom. I tried to set chrome to desktop through the browser menu and it didn't seem to work. So yup