Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Grateful Dead Return to the Garden

The Grateful Dead return to the Boston Garden after a 10 year hiatus. In September of 1991, the Dead were one of the most successful touring Rock bands in America. Boston was hoping for a potential $10 million  economic boost from their six night run  between 9/20 to 9/26. These are sweet shows for this time period. Click on mvyradio.com this week another episode of Shakedown Stream™ featuring the Dead back at the Garden. Plus, you can check out some past episodes from this month by clicking these links. 


  1. Hey there,

    Just listening to the stream at home. Loving the Fall of 91 garden stuff...those were my last 6 shows before moving to Nantucket and effectively ending my days as a touring deadhead.

    Anyway, just heard you say that 9-6-80 in Maine was your first show...MINE TOO!!!!! What a beast of a first show! Listening to the Stranger from that show that you put into the stream. Is that a sbd recording? If so, does it live in the Internet Archive? I do not see it there.



  2. Hey -
    Just reading your comment now. The 1st set and a few songs of 2nd set are SBD. Too bad but probably why this amazing show will never be an official GD release. Funny, I meet so many people that say Lewiston was their first Dead show. Cosmic connections.

  3. This is the best function room in the city. The food they served at San Francisco venues was warm, fresh and tasty, and the panoramic window is a sight to behold on a clear day. Their main hall was similar to a club/lounge – however, it had more of an intimate feel.


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