Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jer Bear Reaches Outer Mongolia

To: <>
Subject: Hello from Mongolia
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009

Hi Jer Bear,

I'm a fairly new listener to the podcast and love seeing the little blue dot next to the
Shakedown Stream podcast on my itunes letting me know there's a new one. I'm a little behind and was just listening to the Lake Placid show you featured last month, was a great, kick-ass show. On that and subsequent podcasts I heard you mention you have listeners in the UK, Ireland and on the continent and all I could think was "I got that beat by a mile (or 10,000)."

I am fairly certain I am the one and only listener in Mongolia (what you may know as Outer Mongolia, now just plain ol' Mongolia). I first came here in 2001 as a Peace Corps volunteer, left and ended up returning to work here.I really dig your podcast because it helps keep me sane on the walks to/from work, especially in the -30C winters.

For the longest time my only exposure to the Dead was through
"Without a Net." I had aways enjoyed it but never got around to picking up any more recordings. Then I stumbled across your podcast a few months ago and the rest has been listening history. I have a lot of catching up to do after downloading all of your past shows from the mvy website and I am really looking forward to it. Could you play for me a nice China Rider (although Mongolia is not a part of China, it's at least in the neighborhood)? It would be appreciated.

So keep up the good work and thanks for the podcast.


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  1. Jer Bear,
    I found ya this June while visiting with fam on the island from Missoula, MT. They were into the station for it's blues and originality, I was impressed by the fact that you play a show in it's entirety each time. My pet peeve with djs is that they pay lip service to their own lives rather than the music. Thanks for the info on songs and keep rollin the whole shows. PAZ