Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blogging the Dead

A few months ago, The Atlantic Monthly  featured an article about how the Grateful Dead can be studied as a business model. Back in the old days, before Facebook, The Well, and, when tickets were sold in tour books and shows were recorded and traded on Maxell UDXL tapes, the Grateful Dead's legendary followers created social networks that allowed the band to keep in touch with the fans in ways that no other rock and roll band did. Never ones to eschew technology, Deadheads embraced the digital revolution and continue to flow with the changes. The unconventional methods of the Grateful Dead's business are the focus of a new book, Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead by David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan. This summer the authors will follow Furthur and The Rhythm Devils on tour to promote the book, and in keeping with the spirit of digital innovation that has been embraced by Deadheads, they will create marketing webinars with Bill Walton, the tallest Deadhead in the Universe. Click this weblink to check out how the authors are using the lessons they've gleaned from the Grateful Dead. The band beyond description continues to teach us all new and amazing things. Peace - Jer Bear

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