Saturday, December 11, 2010

T-Shirts !!

We have new Shakedown Stream T-Shirts.  They are here just in time for Christmas - a perfect gift.  Choose your own colors and sizes online.  


  1. I love Shakedown Stream but I cannot understand the design of this T-shirt. It is absolutely horrible. Fire the person who designed this T-shirt immediately. 35 bucks....really? I wouldn't accept this as a gift for free. You are doing everyone a disservice by associating this shirt with such a wonderful show. Shame on you. Let me know when you re-design this piece of crap.

    I love Jer Bear but I hate this shirt!!!!!!!

  2. well that's a little harsh then, isn't it. It's a basic psychadelic design with jerry at the whell of a bus going furthur on down the road.
    I agree, 36$ is steep for a white shirt, but I don't think it's deserving of your scornful critique.
    Keep up the good work jer bear!