Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dam the Dead

The best way to have a proper flashback is to play a show from the past on the same day of the month it was performed 38 years ago. Ergo, we will use Shakedown Stream technology to transport us to Rotterdam on May 11th 38 years ago.

Also, in another spin on the "The Intention Experiment" we can send positive intentions and/or prayers to the past and see if it'll have an effect.

Join me next week for a sweet european show from 1972.

Peace - Jer Bear

What      Shakedown Stream
What?    Grateful Dead music
Where? & iTunes
When     Tuesday - 5pm eastern time zone


  1. Its 38 years!!!

  2. Hey...
    Listen every week and love it all! Thanks for your hard work and deadication. So why do I listen to the music play? Here are my top 5 reasons for digging the Dead:

    1) It touches the same place inside me that the smell of cut grass does.
    2) I can smell the music and can taste Phil's riffs.
    3) I feel closer to my God.
    4) I get it!
    5) My heart beats a little faster, my tears are a little wetter, and my smile is a little bigger.

    I have many friends who don't get it, and trust me I've tried to turn them on, but I'm grateful that I do. When they ask why I listen to the boys, I just smile. All in all, it comes down to that spiritual experience I have when I listen to them play. I've seen many shows and was part of the scene back in the day. I still get goose bumps every time I hear a Terrapin.

    Again, thanks for all that you do!

    A Grateful Wharf Rat in San Diego

  3. Jer Bear:

    MOST excellent choice with 5/11/72; thank you. THIS is the good stuff!