Monday, December 20, 2010

This week ...

Shakedown Stream this week continues with the Jer Bear's Choice theme. It is an opportunity to look for live Grateful Dead material in those hard to find places on the shelf. I have been choosing live shows that are incomplete and would never make it as a "featured show" on Shakedown Stream. I am clearing the shelf before we start the new year. 

  • Also in the news, Bob Weir and Mickey Hart sat in with Sammy Hagar this last Saturday night for a holiday benefit show in their backyard - Mill Valley, CA.  
  • Billy K and the 7 Walkers are on tour and played in New York City this past weekend.
  • Phil & Bobby's Furthur are gearing up for their New Year's shows in San Francisco, CA.   
  • Peace - Jer Bear 

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