Thursday, March 31, 2011

China Cat > Rider

The April theme for Shakedown Stream this month is China Cat>Rider. Every week mvyradio of Martha's Vineyard celebrates the Grateful Dead. We stream all sorts of different kinds of Grateful Dead from their early years of the 60s and right on up to the very end of 1995.

The song "China Cat Sunflower" is one of the first songs that Robert Hunter wrote with Jerry Garcia. The song went on to become one of the great stand out tune
s for the boys. Even President Obama has said he likes the song (whatta poser). On July 5, 1969, the Grateful Dead merged the song with "I Know You Rider", and the two songs have been happily married ever since. It should be noted that both songs have been performed over 500 times by the Grateful Dead. There are only a handful of songs that make this distinguished 500 club.

Throughout the month, I will feature shows with China Cat>Rider. We will discuss the tune(s) and examine why, for example, the 1973 & 1974 versions are so adored.  A thorough examination requires us to listen to the early versions from 1969 as well as the last versions from the 90s. Either way, with some live performances of China>Rider, it will be a long, long crazy Stream.

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China Cat !!!

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