Sunday, May 29, 2011

Randomly and Themelessly Streaming

The theme-less month of May ends this week as randomly as we began it. The featured show for Shakedown Stream's May 31st episode was randomly selected from the top of a box. I am in the process of moving and because of it, I am in "transition" for the month (starting this weekend). My collections of Dead are in boxes.

I just happened to pick a 1976 show. It is has no details with it and I know very little about it. It is kinda exciting this way. Also, I do not play enough '76 shows - the come back year for Grateful Dead after a short hiatus. Together, let's find out, shall we,  how this one
streams and, in addition, close out the month of May as themelessly as we streamed it on

Right On !!

Shakedown Stream
Tuesdays @ 5pm (Bruins Time)
It all Streams into One

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