Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Dylan Day

Check out our cool Dylan Music Player. It is all Dylan, all of the time. Also, this week's Shakedown Stream is featuring lots of Dead/Dylan. As you know, the Grateful Dead covered more Dylan tunes than any other band - 65 songs, at least. In addition, in the summer of 1987, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead played some shows on the East and West Coast - "Alone and Together" tour. I am featuring one set of Dylan with the boys from Oakland, CA.


  1. Jer Bear,

    Thanks so much for the Dylan set with the Dead last week. I still get chills any time I hear the Jerry and Brent melodies behind Dylan's singing during the chorus of "Knockin'"...What a clear and profound connection Jerry had with Dylan, and I remember he gave one of the sweetest eulogies to Jerry after he died. Bob Dylan literally couldn't do anything for weeks. Keep up the awesome work! Peace and Love,
    Matt in Boston