Monday, July 25, 2011

Furthuring and Streaming

         Hey JerBear,
       This is Walter in New York and I'm writing in for the first time. I've been tapped into the stream since summer of '09 and have listened religiously ever since. I just wanted to say that shakedown stream is always one of the highlights of my week. This summer I'm taking classes at SUNY Geneseo, a college near Rochester. I just got my Further tickets this week for the July 26, (this coming tuesday), show and I couldn't be more excited. The first place I heard that they were playing near me was on the stream when you read the summer tour dates. It's that funny named town that was giving you problems, Canandaigua, that I have tickets for. It is so hard to say and spell that it's somewhat of a running joke for people who live around here. The easy explanation is to say it like this: cannon like a war cannon, day, and gwuh. Cannondaygwuh is how it should be spelled. 
       Anyway, thanks for all the streams, they never fail to satisfy my dead fix. My buddies and I will be listening to the new stream on tuesday afternoon as we prepare for the show and we'd love to hear a good long Franklin's Tower this week. Maybe you could even send the formidable vibes at the control of the stream towards Further and see if we can coax a Franklins out on tuesday night aswell. 
Thanks for doin what you do and keep on streamin my friend, 
    Walter in NY

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  1. saw your blog when i googled rochester and the show... Looking for a ride from Roch.. if you have space and want extra gas/tolls cash call me 917 776 1306