Monday, July 18, 2011

Thanks for the Stream

Hey Jer Bear -

I've been listening to the stream since about Christmas, and I really enjoy
it. I'm a bit behind, because they pile up faster than I can listen to them
(I'm up to May), but when I saw the new one pop up on itunes, I had to jump
ahead and listen to it. April 19, 1978 was my first show, and the one where
I "got it" (during the *Deal,* to be specific). I've had various tapes of
it over the years, but never anything as good as the one you shared with
us. It brought back so many great memories. Vets Memorial Hall is still
there, mostly hosting conventions and stuff now. It's a big theatre, not a
hockey hall like the places they started playing in the 80's, and seats
about 4,000. My friends and I were in the first row of the balcony, great
seats. I remember that during the drums, everybody in the band was on stage
at one point, banging on something. I'm not kidding, I swear to you that
Garcia had a tambourine. Of course, history was made with the encore,
but we didn't appreciate it at the time. We wanted to hear *Truckin'*
or *Sugar Mag* or something we knew - we couldn't believe they were covering this
silly pop song! Of course, now I brag that I was there!! I was also at
Hampton for the return of *Box of Rain* in '86 - my 2 big Grateful Dead

Thanks for the stream!     Rob

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