Friday, October 14, 2011

Paradise Waits in 1984

The featured show this week on Shakedown Stream is the 2nd night of a three night run at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA. Last week, we enjoyed the 1st night - Friday the 13th with a full moon with a Dark Star encore - How Sweet It Was! WE go forward to the next night with a Help>Slip>Franklin's 2nd set opener and special guest Matt Kelly on harmonica. 

This show does not receive great reviews, but may reflect some tiredness from Jerry and the Boys from the night before. However, we are still in the Scarlet>Fire - Help>Slip>Franklin's - China>Rider reverie this month. 

What kind of deadhead are you? 

A real truth is never based on facts or labels anyway. The Truth is a plural - ongoing changing thing. The conversation continues to expand.

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