Saturday, October 8, 2011

1984 - Next weeks featured show on Shakedown Stream is the 1st night of a three night stand at the Berkeley Community Theatre. We are paying 
attention to the Scarlet>Fires, China>Riders and Help>Slip>Franklin's - they are the most popular opening tunes for the 2nd sets of 1984. 

"After the second set the band left the stage and the lights went down and they unveiled some large screens. Everyone was filled with anticipation because they started showing photos af Stars, Galaxies, Planets, and the like. Then Phil came out and stepped up to the mike and said, "We're going to do something special for you; one night and one night only.""

The Stream continues to wind around and through the live music of the Grateful Dead on every week.

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  1. Hey Jer-Bear! I've been enjoying your show from deep mainland w.mass. for some time now. thanks for doing what you do and making it fun and funny. so ... the 1st set was a little too spasmodic for my tastes, but boy-o, in the 2nd old phil came out buggin' and that stella and dark star was a real zoinker! felt like i was back in the day, floating away on the spaceship gd! thanks man! peacepops - dave