Sunday, July 8, 2012

'69 Primal Dead

The Summer is here and the Grateful Dead music never stops on Shakedown Stream. We continue this week with another round of primal Grateful '69 Dead. Dark Star>SaintStephen>The11>Death ...
Everybody is out touring at the festivals - Furthur, Mickey Hart Band & 7 Walkers - not to mention the other bands that we all love. 
Tickets are always available week after week on's Shakedown Stream.
Premieres: Tuesday @ 5pm EST
Where the Rockin' Rollin' music 
Meets the risin' shinin' Sun

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  1. Jer Bear, Love that show. Way to bring some amazing relaxation and mind travel to the world! Two questions for ya: One) you once had a Krishna Das transition in/out for a bear essentials, do you remember which Podcast? Two) Have you ever thought of using chapters in your podcast? They make for easy guiding in finding old favorite sections, check out this link for more info:
    Thanks, Peter. Vail, CO