Saturday, September 1, 2012

How I Listen & Stream

"Jer Bear - I just discovered the Shakedown Stream a few months ago and thought I'd answer the question you asked during second Jerry Treats 'Stream about how we listen. I download 'Stream episodes through iTunes, put them in a 'Shakedown Stream' playlist so the play in oldest to newest sequence, sync to my iPod 160 GB Classic and listen to them at work through a Harmon Kardon Play n' Go (1st Gen) boom box (truly fantastic sound). I have an office by myself and listen to music all day long. In addition to the 'Stream I have over 200 episodes of the Deadpod, 15 or so Dick's Picks,nearly all the Road Trips subscription to the new Dave's Picks and lots of JGB, L of M, Pizza Tapes etc. The CDs are managed in iTunes and I create such are put on individual playlists by Venue/Date. All this I manage on iTunes converting most everything to WAV files (2 TB hard drive with mirror back-up). I have a very eclectic music collection (pushing 800 GB of music on the home computer) but I sometimes go 2 weeks listening to exclusively the Dead or Jerry music - 8 hours a day. I struggle to explain to people why I don't get bored or tired of it - but I don't - I just keep listening.

Side note: I'd be interested in learning how you manage what I can only imagine as an overwhelming collection shows and songs. Perhaps you have addressed this in a blog.

I like your show a lot - especially the Bear Essentials. Jerry's and the
Grateful Dead's influence is large and diverse and you do a very nice job spreading the wealth.

Thanks for your time and effort,"
Dick Mc.
Marin/Sonoma County CA

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