Sunday, September 30, 2012

Streaming up to Buffalo

Believe it or Not. We are featuring the 9/26/81 show from Buffalo, NY. When it is all said and done, we will have a fairly decent snapshot of the Grateful Dead from a rather specific date - Sept. 26th - not to mention a rather strong association with the 2nd largest city in the state of New York.

Join Shakedown Stream for another excursion into the realm of the Grateful Dead. Plus, we will check out some of the highlights from this Fall Furthur Tour from out west.

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Streamin up to Buffalo

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  1. Hey Now- this shows leads to this first note out to the Vineyard... I'll always remember that Buffalo show, though it is mostly overshadowed by the show the night before -- Stabler Arena at Lehigh University. We drove to PA from way upstate NY. We had no tickets. There were no tickets. We walked the campus for hours looking. Total sell out in a very small venue (least it seemed to me). Well show time. Still nothing. What to do. We (4 of us college buddies) studied the ticket takers from a bit back and carefully chose our line. We got up to the door and gave the ticket ladies our BUFFALO tickets and in the rush and crowd and frenzy this older lady didn't look, just tore the ticket, smiled and returned the stub. The tickets for both shows were identical looking , just different locations on the face. We had a bunch of extras for Buffalo we were planning on selling next night, but they worked just fine across the border. We were ecstatic. Lehigh was great show with some unusual song pairings and solid playing.
    Oh, yes, this is about Buffalo... I do remember the morning dew. Still have both shows on cassettes in the basement....though I most always choose 9-25 to reminisce. So thanks for this Buffalo airing and a chance to revisit another times forgotten space. cheers from the Mid-Hudson Valley of NY Brian