Friday, June 26, 2015

Major League DeadHeads

Our nonstop flight from Boston to San Francisco landed late Wednesday night. We got right into the swing of things Thursday at the Giants/Padres day game. As a devoted Red Sox fan from New England, I felt somewhat unsure about my presence there. However, the weather was sunny and beautiful and I was with my best friend from way way back from the Tipi days so it was cool just to be there. The Giants were dominating the game 9 to 1 around the 7th inning. So we decided to walk around the stadium to check out the views of the city. Quickly, the Padres started hitting and scoring. We knew instinctually as superstitious Red Sox fans that we needed to return to our seats ASAP to get the mojo back in alignment for the SF Giants. And wouldn't you know it, as soon as we sat down the Giants roared back and won the game 13 - 8. 

As Deadheads, we learned a few skills from going to all those shows: the fans are part of group mind consciousness that can affect the direction of the music and Thursday a few deadheads from New England played a major league role. HEY NOW - we are just getting warmed up.

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