Sunday, June 28, 2015

Santa Clara, CA - 6/27/15

Here's a set list from Saturday night followed a brief assessment. 
Set 1
noodle jam >
Uncle John's Band
Alligator >
Cumberland Blues
Born Cross Eyes >
Cream Puff War
Viola Lee Blues (Double Rainbow!)
Set 2
Cryptical Envelopment >
Dark Star >
St. Stephen >
sweet jam >
William Tell >
The Eleven >
Turn on Your Lovelite >
drumz >
What's Become of the Baby >
The Other One >
Morning Dew
encore: Casey Jones

The first two songs, Truckin' and Uncle Johns Band, were straight up performances -- nothing too special, but competent. Personally, I thought the rest of the first set was kinda off and they didn't seem  to be in synch with each other. However, an amazing thing happened during Viola Lee Blues; a rainbow started growing and by the time Viola ended a full double rainbow was shining above us. I thought it was an auspicious sign, maybe Jerry was joining us. It was a good sign because it seemed they ended the set early to regroup. 

The second set started with an easy flowing mellow Cryptical that lead effortlessly into Dark Star. The sound and vocals were not too sharp - maybe they needed to play it simple for a bit to get the groove going. Meanwhile, I was zooming around the venue checking out the folks, maneuvering into different nooks around the stadium, and trying to connect to the venue vibe. Then it happened: BOOM > St Stephen.  The band came alive, my happy feet sprang to life and my old Deadhead dancing woke up. There was sweet, beautiful, creative jam after St. Stephen that I loved and the Lovelight after The Eleven made me smiley. Bobby always had a way of centering me to the sound. Hey, for heaven's sake, he and Jerry are the guys that lead us through all those shows through all those years. It was also cool to see Mickey on the beam again during the drums. Not sure about the "What's Become of the Baby" (why not a Mountains of the Moon, Phil?) out of drums.  The Other One   and Morning Dew were stupendously righteous (I prefer a Morning Dew over Wharf Rat post-drums/space). The Casey Jones encore sung by Hornsby made me think of the trains I have been hearing all over the East Bay this week. We were gratefully blessed by a searingly beautiful sunset and the double rainbow. All the songs themed from the early time period of the Grateful Dead's repertoire
with nothing being played from after 1970. I suspect tonight will be songs from early 1970. The table is set for a second course tonight. 

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  1. Their staff was able to set the event hall in a way that we were literally surrounded by our guests and everyone had a great view of the event. This place is really a hidden gem! Came here for an affinity group get-together and had a great time. The environment at party venues in Houston is cozy and good for having conversations.