Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shakedown Stream - June 16, 2009

This week I will be featuring a show from Giants Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ. That's right, we are going to the Meadowlands. I know many of us saw quite a few shows here and there are some bad memories with the cops as well. Yet, without question, the boys played many memorable shows that are worthy of our attention.

It occurred to me that I should also play other material from Meadowlands. The obvious thing is to play the latest material from The Dead at the Meadowlands with Brandford Marsalis (the famed Jazz saxophonist).

Also there are some requests - a birthday request from Phillie, a "Leaving Texas" request from her Majesty's country, (that has also been endorsed and commented upon by quite a few through their emails) - and we will answer last week's trivia question. That question evoked many different answers. I can see now that I needed to do a more thorough research before I put it out there. Nonetheless, there will be more than one winner of a free CD.

Keep on streaming,
Jer Bear

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