Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dead Poll Results !!

The results of the very first Shakedown Stream poll have been counted and certified. The polltakers chose 1974 as the year "...the Grateful Dead were at their best." The years 1969, 1977 & 1981 each received 20% of the vote while 1974 won easily with 40% of the vote. Interestingly enough, the year 1973 received no votes.

A closer analysis may be needed to reveal exactly why the poll results went the way they did. It may have been due to the heavy rain from last week or that the Shakedown Stream blog was launched for the first time last week. Any conclusions that only 5 people participated in the poll must be discredited and dismissed. "Only 1 in 10,000 come for the show."

Nonetheless, in lieu of these exciting poll results, next week's feature show on Shakedown Stream will be carefully selected from 1974.


  1. Love the new blog JerBear it's much easier for me to navigate on my mobile browser than the MVY home page. Look forward to checking in regularly
    Rob from RI

  2. Great ide for a poll Mr. Bear. Wish I had blogged on the blog before it closed. Personally I think '74 was a great year but would've gone later, maybe 77-80 or around there. '77 for sure was one of my faves. keep the tunes rollin'! Uncle John

  3. After listening to the new Road Trips set (Wall of Sound). I might have to agree with '74 too. Although I love the Primal Dead from the early years as well as the aucoustic stuff near '80, and then the more polished '77 stuff too.

    Aw screw it, I'll take the Dead from any year.