Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Miracle Ticket

"A Miracle Ticket" is a term used by DeadHeads to describe a ticket received magically. These tickets appear in many different ways. The most memorable miracle is when one is given to you free by a stranger.

I remember going to a Jerry Garcia Band show at the Hartford Bushnell back in the early 80's. As my friend and I got off the highway, we saw DeadHeads holding signs saying "Need A Ticket" at the end of the exit ramp. My friend was worried because we did not have tickets. I was not worried for I believed in Miracles. As we drove closer to the Bushnell, we saw more and more people looking for tickets (my belief was being challenged). It seemed like there were more people looking for tickets than there were people who had them. I told my friend, "... have faith, we will park the car and walk up to the main doorway." We were 10 feet away from the main entrance when someone opened the exit door and said "come on in." That was our Miracle Ticket.

I have had many Miracle Tickets since that night. The phenomenon exists today - The Dead shows of Spring '09 or Phil & Friends or Bobby & RatDog shows, we still see DeadHeads holding their index fingers up in the air saying, "I Need A Miracle." This Tuesday on, everyone gets a Miracle Ticket to the Grateful Dead at Oxford Speedway, Maine on July 2, 1988. This show received the most votes in the most recent listener poll. Join me on @ 5pm or on iTunes for this week's Shakedown Stream.

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  1. Thanks Jer Bear! I attended these Oxford Speedway shows while a student at UConn. As I listen and reflect, I realize that this was a life changing event. I could go on and tell stories of the amazing people I met, the blistering hot walk up that road to the venue, the miracles, the experience, but you've heard it all before. I just wanted to say thanks for keeping it all alive. Your show rocks!