Monday, August 24, 2009

Streaming with the Prez.

What a -kinda- long strange trip it's been !! Remember when President Obama was in a tough primary with Hillary Clinton and we were wondering what was going to happen? Then it looked like he was in a tight race against Sen. McCain when in October the economy went south? Yet, after a long strange trip, President Obama won, history was made and we witnessed his inspirational speech in Grant Park in Chicago. Now, in late August, the summer is almost over and President Obama is here on Martha's Vineyard.

We also shall never forget what the Grateful Dead did for President Obama. They got back together to play fundraisers for President Obama's campaign in San Francisco and Pennsylvania. Some would even say that President Obama's historic run for office brought The Dead back to life. After those successful events, Phil, Bobby, Mickey & Billy got back together for a spectacular Spring '09 Tour that still has us dancing in the streets.

I am not sure if President Obama came to vacation on Martha's Vineyard to play golf, swim, surf, eat fresh seafood or to hang with other big-time Democrats - who knows? There are a few of things that we can be sure of - it has been a long strange trip since his campaign began, he was elected the 44th President of the United States, and he is vacationing on the island. That is what people do - they come here to Martha's Vineyard with their familes to vacation, chill out, and relax. It is also a great place to stream one of the finest Grateful Dead shows in the galaxy - Shakedown Stream on Welcome Mr. President. I am still fired up, but for now, enjoy the island, keep your head down and swing easy. Peace, Jer Bear

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