Friday, October 30, 2009

Dead Rings: In a Class of their own.

Dear Dead Head,

For nearly four thousand years, in culture after culture, the signet ring has remained a clear symbol of personal affinity. For men and women of distinction, this classic piece of jewelry has always denoted a valued position, a special bond. Today that tradition continues. Those who wear signet rings share membership in a very special group of people.

It is with great pride that we offer Dead Heads all around the world, a work of exceptional beauty and superb craftsmanship – the Grateful Dead Tour Alumni Ring.

Officially licensed by Grateful Dead Productions and available in a wide choice of metals, each ring bears the classic "Steal Your Face" logo in striking bas-relief. The sculptured features of the designs, remarkably precise, have been achieved through "lost-wax" casting – a rare technique preferred since the early Renaissance for its ability to capture intricate detail.

This demanding technique requires the expertise of very gifted artisans. For this reason, Jostens, one of America’s most respected names in jewelry, has been authorized to create this superb keepsake. Twice selected by the International Olympic Committee to craft its gold, silver and bronze medals, and twenty-eight time supplier of Super Bowl Championship Rings, Jostens has been a name synonymous with excellence since 1897.

Your ring will be a very personal possession, custom crafted to your order, with your name engraved inside the band in elegant script. Then, only after it is polished to a rich luster that distinguishes the finest jewelry, will it be presented to you, ready for a lifetime of wear.


  1. It would have been really cool if you could have worked something out with Owsley to make these!

  2. are they still for sale?


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