Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shakedown Stream: ride the sweet vibe

Jer Bear!

I've been shakin it down with you since I found the stream this past spring. Thank you for what you do; doling out the Grateful dead lore and history, bringing the bear essentials, and sharing choice shows from every era and phase of this glorious band! Your show shines through and we can all feel your love for the band and the music. Tuesday's don't come quick enough, when I hear "hey now, hey now" I know I am in for something good.

I live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan. I ride the stream's sweet vibe every day as I sail over the Manhattan bridge on the Q train. Listening to a gritty Pig Pen show or hearing shows from the Dead this Spring with the East river rolling and the city skyline glinting and sprinting skyward just knocks me out every time. You are a part of that, just wanted to share it with you.

Thanks again, keep groovin
Peace and Love from the BK,

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