Saturday, February 6, 2010

Episode #111 - Dead Scraps

Last week's episode of Shakedown Stream (click on image to enlarge) had a different type of theme. Instead of playing a complete Grateful Dead show, I gathered together some of my "Dead Scraps" and put them on the Stream.

Many of us DeadHeads have many tidbits of incomplete shows. For example, the recent "Road Trips" release from Rhino records of 12/28/79, Oakland, CA. I possessed a cassette tape of the 2nd set of that show for years. I always wanted the 1st set, but for some reason, I could never get my hands on it. The thing is, many of my Dead Scraps are awesome, but because they are incomplete, they will not ever be featured on Shakedown Stream.

For instance, I have had part of 9/19/70 Fillmore East for many years, as so many other DeadHeads, but was not sure when I would have had the opportunity to stream it on It is so good and juicy that it deserves to have its' due. Also, I included the soundcheck of 2/22/74 from Winterland Arena. Some of the songs such as It Must of Been the Roses are new tunes for the Dead.

The rest of the month of February will feature Grateful Dead shows from the state of Texas. See ya next week - Jer Bear

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  1. Jerbear, love your show, have been listening since nov 09, now I look forward to it every week. I became a G Dead fan during the ten years I spent driving a Semi, delivering groceries up and down the mendocino/humboldt coast during the 1980's to restaurants and health food stores.

    In my 50's now, but the songs still evoke time spent meeting the folks of the Redwood Empire in California, and wandering around in the Redwood forests and it's rivers and coasts discovering The Songs: Eyes of the world, Wharf rat, Franklin's tower, Jack straw, Bertha, Ripple, Casey Jones, Brown eyed women, Tenn Jed, Truckin', China Cat... and there's your top ten list.

    I never got to see any of the band's shows, so I wanted to say I like it when you talk about the band's history, and any outtakes of the boys talking, interviews or whatever, are fun. And keep your right on's coming, I dig 'em. Cool.

    My brother in law Jeff here in california and I get together and sing and play the band's songs on acoustic guitars every few weeks, mostly the songs mentioned above, though Me and my Uncle and Monkey and the Engineer and Jack a Roe and Mama Tried and Big Boss Man and Big R R Blues and Rosa Lee McFall and You Win Again and Dark Hollow, and Sugaree andScarlet Begonias also get sung fairly often too. There's another top ten list, I guess.

    We tried recording them last week to send a cd to you but we goofed up the words and couldn't stop laughing, so we're going to try again soon as we calm down.

    Again, loving your show and all you bring to it.

    Big Bri (Brian in N Calif)