Saturday, February 20, 2010

Furthur into to Mass

Phil & Bobby tripped Furthur into Mass last night. They played in Amherst, Mass. The Grateful Dead only performed one time in Amherst (UMASS - 5/21/79) during their 30 year run. Therefore, it is quite a big deal for them to bring the sound and tripsters back together in this progressive and hip college town. Check out the set list:

February 19, 2010
Mullins Center @ Univ. of Mass.
Amherst, MA

Set 1: Jam>
Not Fade Away>
All New Minglewood Blues
Dire Wolf, Friend of the Devil
Cassidy, Casey Jones

Set 2:Lost Sailor>

Saint of Circumstance

New Speedway Boogie>

Drums> King Solomon's Marbles

Caution (Do Not Step On Tracks>

Dark Star> Other One>

Let It Grow> Not Fade Away

Donor Rap

E: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

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  1. Jer! As always, thanks for you all you do and what you bring to us. What you do makes a difference!

    Listening to everyones top tens, I wanted to add my own as well. I did it a little differently though and split it up by sets.

    First Set:
    1. Opener: Hell in a Bucket or
    2. Opener: Jack Straw
    3. Middle: El Paso
    4. Middle: Cumberland Blues
    5. Middle: Me & My Uncle (Love the cowboy tunes – Jerry rips them up)
    6. Middle: Jackaroe
    7. Middle: Hightime
    8. Middle: Sugaree
    9. End: Let It Grow or
    10. End: Deal

    Set Two:
    1. Open: Dark Star (version when the brought it back – specifically the “Nightfall of Diamonds” Dark Star at the Brendon Byrne Area that I was there for…wow. Still get the good bumps when I play that!)
    2. Open: Shakedown Street
    3. Middle: Eyes
    4. Middle: Never Trust a Woman (Brent drops F bomb!)
    5. Middle: Lost Sailor>
    6. Middle: Saint of Circumstance
    7. Middle: Terrapin
    8. Middle: Wharf Rat (Jerry drops F bomb!)
    9. Middle: Stella Blue (need a ballad)
    10. End: Throwing Stones (clapping at end of show that goes until the encore)

    1. We bid you good night
    2. Brokedown Palace
    3. US Blues (summer time shows only)

    Thanks - DiamondJim